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Dungeons & Doritos :: Exposition Impossible

Posted by NerdyShow on February 25, 2015

dnd3_7_1400An all-new chapter in Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos!

Our heroes are in dire danger! Ever since Vimak, Jamela, and Lefty broke their comrade Barty out of prison they’ve been pursued by the nefarious bounty hunter, Black Pepper Jack. Jack’s got some serious beef and Barty’s got a whopping bounty on his head, but now that the party is surrounded, things have taken an unexpected turn. Some explaining is in order!

Diplomacy isn’t the D&D crew’s strong suit, but they’re under the sword and unprepared for this delicate predicament. Will Barty’s sordid history finally catch up with him? How far will the party go to evade Jack’s smarmy clutches?  Their mission, should they choose to accept it, will take them on deadly ground – deep into the heart of Doritodan, capitol city of the land, where something has gone very, very wrong.

Download from the player above | Discuss this episode on the forumsEpisode art by Tony Baldini


  1. Tortilla Odyssey~The Quest Begins :: DnD Music Crew
  2. Like Shadows in the Breeze, They Crept :: DnD Music Crew
  3. The Sound of Nothing :: Dnd Music Crew
  4. The Principles of Torment :: Ryan McQuinn
  5. The Cabin :: DnD Music Crew
  6. Just Your Average Nonchalant Muzak :: DnD Music Crew
  7. Howl of the Unholy :: Ryan McQuinn

D&D has an original score! Click the links above to download the tracks and support the artists via pay-what-you-want. Tracks in bold are new to this episode.

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