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D&D In-House Art

Since “Foul Deeds at Cool Ranch” Nerdy Show’s in-house artist, Tony Baldini has been drawing the D&D crew on the regular.  Check out all of his D&D art here, as well as other art created or masterminded by the Nerdy Show crew.

Want to see MORE D&D art from Tony as well as Cap, local-shop, and others?  $upport to Nerdy Show and unlock Tony’s sketch gallery featuring illustrations of scenes from past episodes and other D&D doodles.

By Tony Baldini:

Want to see each of the above character illustrations in all their glory? Head on over to the character bio page to check ’em out!

Jamela-and-Chair Come Here Often?

tony baldini, dungeons and doritosDnD Dungeons and Doritos Corney Island


To see the Barty and Lefty picture step-by-step click here.

Cap & local-shop did the epic image featured on our D&D shirts. Check out:The Making of the D&D Shirt

Cap commissioned some Jamela art from awesome artist, Talon Dunning:

talon jamela

And another from, Pablocomics:








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