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Posted by NerdyShow on November 10, 2010

Awesome threads aren’t awesome by themselves, they’re made awesome by the cool people in them and the funky-funky fresh things they do. Nerdy Show shirts are much the same. They’re comfortable, versatile, and go with any outfit – even Jeri Curls or the cartoon animal style no-pants look! Whatever your style is, don’t keep it to yourself. We wanna see it!

Whether it’s in our brand-new Nerdy Show Logo Shirts or the now classic Amber Lamps apparel… We wanna see you trying to beat that Mario Kart 64 time trial so you can win the golden controller from Nintendo Power.  We wanna see you punching trees – Minecraft style!  We wanna see you covered in Dorito dust tossing natural 20s, posing with cospalyers and celebs at a con, shaking the hand of the devil himself (STD represent) all looking your nerdiest in our shway duds, like out first Nerd in Action Dan Blake:

Wait- Optimus class?  What the hell is that? Secret for now is what! But that doesn’t mean you can’t get there right now.  All it takes is a little heart.

Check out this page for this and all future NERDS IN ACTION and send your short to


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