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Dungeons & Doritos :: Night of the Golems

Posted by NerdyShow on June 30, 2011


No sooner were our travelers settling into being imprisoned in the Isle of Mages’ luxurious confines, than calamity struck!  The gem in which Jen’Ifer’s soul is sealed, has been absconded by a dark creature.  Our heroes are in hot pursuit – but they’ve been warned that the tower to which they’re headed is guarded by unkillable statues that move… The GOLEMS!

Is there truly any foe that Chair can’t annihilate? What sinister creature would dare to pull such a heist in a city of mages? To what lengths will the lovelorn Jamela go to reclaim her bejeweled Tiefling?  This episode is all action!  Embark on adventure!


Special thanks to Jonna for providing additional voice work!

How did it all start? Open Dungeons & Doritos – BOOK I to revel in our early quests and venture to the main Dungeons & Doritos page to procure our most recent adventures.


  1. A Quest for Dip (Theme to Dungeons & Doritos) :: Level 99
  2. Damage :: 3D6 Damage - Damage
  3. Roll a D6 :: Associated Intricacies Roll a D6 - Single - Assorted Intricacies
  4. Ancient Sorrows :: Jeremy Soule
  5. The Wedding of the Lamb :: Aphrodite’s Child
  6. Sweden :: C418 Sweden - Minecraft - Volume Alpha

Tracks in bold are played in full. This month’s episode features two outstanding tabletop-themed tracks by 3D6 and Associated Intricacies. Be sure to check out 3D6s other awesome tracks and Associated Intricacies’ killer video for “Roll a D6“.

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Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak

Barty :: Lefty

Character generator still in development.



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  • whoo! new Dungeons and Doritos!

  • Fatham

    Everyone imagining Silvermoon City?

  • AntiLuke

    Listening, and right after Mike says “That’s it,” adobe crashes.

  • Cap

    @AntiLuke lol brutal!

  • ChairFan

    Best episode so far. The last one having no action was kind of a let down, but this one delivered the action-y goods. Chair FTW.

  • I started working on this:

    which is a step by step penciling of the first 14 minutes of the NIGHT OF THE GOLEMS podcast.

    I was wondering if it was okay to finish it up (inks-colors).
    I didnt want to step on anyone’s toes or anything here, I know you have an in house artist and people can get kind of titchy bout stuff like this
    If its not okay i completely get it, and i will take it off my devaintart. And of course I would never persume to take credit for characters stories or dialogue… I’m not that terrible of a person… yet….


  • Cap


    Um dude… this is awesome. We’re never gonna get titchy about you or anybody else showing us love with awesomeness. Ever. Please, by all means, finish it up – I want to see it! This is great. On behalf of myself, Tony the artist, and all of Nerdy Show formerly invite you guys to make whatever cool tributary things featuring our characters, etc. I mean, over on the forums we’ve got a guy making a D&D video game!

    In the end the characters etc. are all (c) Nerdy Show, but we love when you guys play with our stuff. It’s neat! Do it to it man!

  • Alexander Graves

    okay so i have never heard of you before today but by 25:05 I was laughing my ass off, kudos to you guys

  • @cap
    Thanks man… The whole use of other people’s intellectual property is always weird. I felt kinda funny writing that comment too… I was like… Hmmmm theres no way to make this sound like I’m not trying to steal something…

  • Cap

    @Alexander Graves

    Thanks dude! Glad you like it! Love it when new people let us know what they think.


    Well it’s not like you’re claiming it as your own. Fan art is an amazing industry that makes everyone involved with the core project feel loved.

  • chemkarate

    This was yet another wonderful episode! You guys should know that these DnD epiodes have actually inspired me to learn how to play tabletop RPGs, and I’ll be going to a teach-in session this coming Sunday.

    Also, as a Fleetwood Mac fan, I FREAKING LOVE THAT HEADER IMAGE!

  • Cap

    @chemkarate Yay more tabletopers!

    You’re actually the first person to comment about our Fleetwood Mac-inspired album art. Ha-ha! The winner is you!

  • @Chemkarate And for your winning, you get a hi-res version of the image! At least that’s what I’m claiming.


    Just shoot me an email at and I’ll send the file your way.

  • Cap

    @chemkarate @Tony But if you click on the image above it does take you to a larger version, 1000×1000, same for the previous episode.

  • M

    Question: Are you actually playing “for real” in these games? That is, are your characters actually in danger of dying? Haven’t heard the ol’ “roll new character” yet, so I was wondering if the heroes are under divine protection for the sake of the show.

    Ps. All that dorito chewing is really getting me into “that special misophonia mood”. I think I actually have to skip this episode entirely, or at least listen to it in small instalments. Tell the guy with the dorito+mic combo that I hate him, and wish his next stat roll set to be below-average! (Gasp!)

  • Cap


    We are 100% in threat of death. It could seriously happen. I personally don’t know the Sagas negative HP rulings off the top of my head. There’s a point of no return somewhere in there. We’re lucky as hell that it hasn’t happened yet.

    I’m definitely guilty of a lot of the audible Dorito chewing. A lot of people have said that they love it. Maybe I took it too far? It doesn’t fill you with corn chip cravings? Fortunately for me my rolls typically couldn’t get any lower so I am unscathed by your curse!

  • spudwalt

    I was seriously on the edge of my seat for parts of this episode, especially the whole Chair vs. the Golem fight. I’m glad he survived to continue his Chair antics.

    I’m also glad Chair got to use his Language: Furniture skills on furniture that actually talks back to him.

  • spudwalt

    Golem used Mega Punch! It’s super effective! CHAIR fainted!

  • Arkyrion

    The 3.5 rule that Hex is asking about at around 2 hours and 10 minutes is for a disabled (0 hp) character. A character at 0 hit points gets a single movement action per turn, as opposed to a standard action and a movement action. Drinking a potion is considered a movement action, which is what Hex is referring to.

  • Cap

    @Arkyrion Thanks man! I’m always curious about this stuff.

  • M

    Thanks for the reply, Cap. Good to know you guys can bring teh funny even in random comments. 🙂
    And no, I’m not filled with raging lust for corn-based snacks, but I’m going to assume that it works great for creating that ‘horrid rpg cave feeling’ for the show for vast majority of the listeners. I wouldn’t worry about the dorito sounds too much. Its more of an issue with me, so I ended up commenting on it like a chump. (Would you believe its a bizarre medical condition?)

  • In Sagas a character is incapacitated when damage meets or exceeds their HP. At that point, they lose HP every round equal to the wounds they have.

    It just so happens that Chair is a fighter who leads with his chin, but also has an absurd amount of toughness. He can take a huge beating, and even while he is “bleeding out” it takes a long time for him to actually die.

    Most of the other characters tend to stay away from direct hits. When they do get hit, it hurts, but usually they only get hit once or twice.

    Luckily Vimak is usually quick to heal.

    Also, even while disabled, a character can make a natural healing test if they have any left. This is usually enough to slow down the bleed out process.

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