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  1. Nerds in Action: OmniG-Sage0 & Max Acree

    Posted by NerdyShow on May 3, 2011

    Nerds In Action are on the march!¬† Welcome, Max Acree and OmniG-Sage0 into these hallowed ranks! What’s a Nerd In Action you ask? Why, it’s the illustrious rank achieved when you nerd out while repping Nerdy Show and take a picture of it! First up is Jeremy W.-T. aka OmniG-Sage0, Minecrafter, Forum fighter, and now… […]

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  2. Nerd In Action Shots!

    Posted by NerdyShow on November 10, 2010

    Awesome threads aren’t awesome by themselves, they’re made awesome by the cool people in them and the funky-funky fresh things they do. Nerdy Show shirts are much the same. They’re comfortable, versatile, and go with any outfit – even Jeri Curls or the cartoon animal style no-pants look! Whatever your style is, don’t keep it […]

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