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D&D Issue 1

  • Written by Triforce Mike
  • Drawn by Tony Baldini
  • Discover Vimak’s Origin!
  • Comes in standard, digital, and limited editions

Cover Style


  • Digital comic in PDF format



    Convention-Exclusive 7-Page Preview!

    • Limited-run ashcan minicomic of the upcoming D&D Issue 2! Only 100 made!
    • Jamela’s origin story with The Gleamseekers!
    • Written by Cap and drawn by Tony
    • Autographed by request!



    Dungeons & Doritos Poster

    • 18×24 screen printed poster
    • Art by Tony Baldini
    • High-quality old-timey paper
    • Limited signed & numbered run!
    • We’ll burn your edges by hand for an added fee! No two alike! Rustic!

    Price: Unburnt: $5.00 BURNT: $10.00

    Burnt or not



    D&D / Nerdy Show Combo

    • Rep both Nerdy Show and D&D
    • Wallet-friendly combo price
    • Layer in the cold months


    Nerdy Show Logo Shirts

    • Performance Enhancer for all Nerd Activities
    • High Quality 4-Color print
    • 100% Cotton American Apparel
    • Get mistaken for a Ninja Teen!


    D&D Shirt

    • Art by Local-Shop and Cap!
    • Featuring all 4 heroes & the supporting cast!
    • +1 charisma
    • Shield your body from crumbs


    Amberlamps Shirt

    • Join Da Amber Lamps Corps
    • Get imbued with old -man strength
    • Meme parody at its finest!
    • Just like Epic Beard Man’s shirt! …kinda.


    No Fangs Shirt, "just say... No Fangs" features no sign over werewolf head

    No Fangs Shirt

    • Crazy super-limited print run
    • Protect yourself from creatures of the night
    • Show Twilight fans the errors of their ways


    D&D Dice Set – SOLD OUT

    • 4 custom nacho-flavored D6s
    • Screen-printed D&D dice bag
    • Laser-etched D&D logos
    • Let the fates decide!


    • Reinhard Gorch

      love this does this come with the confused black man in the BG??

    • Cap

      @Reinhard Gorch

      Just wear the outfit and hop on a public bus, he’ll be there. Also, Reinhard, Clarence misses you, come home.

    • Cameron leaf

      If you make a mug or a cup i will buy it

    • Cap

      @Cameron leaf

      We’ll have to talk to our pals at Fangamer about that one – they do mugs like no one’s business! Got any ideas? No Fangs? Our logo? Something DnD-related?

    • Cameron leaf

      @Cap an Amber Lamp cup, on with a d20 thats says DnD, the show name in a mageman theme. of one with all you guys.

    • Cap

      @Cameron leaf

      Lol awesome. We’re definitely doing d20s at some point. Custom ones are pretty expensive so we’ve got to plan that operation pretty well. Next dice thing we do will definitely involve those though. Megaman logo is a great idea. Originally I was going to do a slew of parody logos, but int he interest of time we stuck with the TMNT so long that it became our thing.Still want to do more and when I do there will be a Megaman.

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