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Flame On :: Geeky, Hungry Beasts

Posted by Bryan on March 30, 2012

Are you hungry for some comics? Are you hungry for some movies, TV, and books? Are you hungry for Hunger Games?! Then this is the gay geeky podcast for you. Bryan the Bear, Jarrod the Drawgonist, Eric the Muscle Daddy, Oral the Bitch, and the Question of Questionable Fellatio Techniques are joined by Joey and Jono from Geeks OUT for the raunchiest Flame On! show since… last episode!

Geeks OUT

Geeks OUT was formed to highlight and foster the growing presence of the LGBT community within the greater comics and gaming communities.  Since 2010, members have thrown social events in and around New York City to bring gay geeks out of their homes and dungeons and into the light, even if its neon.  Book launches, art shows, meet-ups, and a gay and geeky news site. What’s not to love?  Their next big event is Takei Back The Night, an art raffle/geek party/fundraiser celebrating the 75th birthday of the queer, sci-fi icon George Takei.  It will be held on April 20th from 7-10pm at the Church for All Nations at 417 W 57th St. in NYC.


What’s better than a movie with a half-naked lead man? A movie with a half-naked lead man on MARS! The boys give their hot and steamy thoughts on John Carter, but be sure to check out the Nerdy Show’s extended review on the big, expensive Disney movie. The Adventures of Tintin gets a (third?) review when Bryan and Oral talk about the Blu Ray release, and then we dive into The Hunger Games! If you are looking for a dedicated discussion on the year’s biggest blockbuster, then the odds surely are ever in your favor!


Books? Between movies, TV, video games, and comics, who has time for books? The Question does! He picked up the new hit fantasy novel The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and gives his first impressions. It’s a story within a story within a story in the style of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter!


There’s Scarlet Bitches and then there’s GCB (Good Christian Bitches). Guess which one they made a TV show about? Bryan shares his love for Kristen Chenoweth’s latest show that allows her to be amazing. We also talk about a cool BBC America show, James May’s Toy Stories, and the news of a new Doctor Who companion! But the biggest nerd-TV premiere just hit and we dedicate a nice chunk of time to discussing Avatar: The Legend of Korra! Benders beware, the time has come for a new Avatar and we could not be more excited!

Gay News

One Million Homophobic Moms Target Archie Comics And Toys R Us. We couldn’t fucking believe it, either.

Video Games

Eric plays Fallout 3, which has nothing to do with the third time his asshole fell out. He gives his impressions, and then Bryan and the Question weigh in on Star Wars: The Old Republic and the fate of the gay guilds!

WonderCon Report

The Question went on another trip, this time to sunny California for WonderCon! He dishes on Battleship, Prometheus, and uncovers exactly what Marvel Infinite is! He also saw Michael Fassbender, who apparently still has massive powers of attraction!


We mourn the loss of Ralph McQuarrie and Jean Giraud (Moebius), two visionary, influential designers/illustrators.  They will be missed but their beautiful legacy will live on.

A notable indie release hits with Supercrooks by Mark Millar, while Q discovers A Waste of Time, which is about a bunny who ties up twinks! Q bought it to the podcast, so if you were wondering why Jarrod was so quiet, there’s your answer.

Marvel has us itching for the release of AvX (Avengers vs. X-Men), which will decide the fate of Oral and Eric. Oops, the Scarlet Witch and Phoenix. The boys give their opinions on Carol Danvers’ new Captain Marvel outfit (yikes…) and squee with excitement over the epic finale to Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four storyline!

DC remakes their Captain Marvel and also serves up great issues for Batman (Dick backhand!), Wonder Woman (ugly Poseidon!), and Animal Man (badass daughter!). Plus, Swamp Thing gets wings!

The studs from Geeks OUT were amazing guests (and not only because they recorded nude via webcam) and our very own Jarrod will be submitting art for their upcoming benefit Takei Back the Night. Check out, have a martini, take some uncouth pictures in the mirror, post them on, and then settle down for a long steamy night with Flame On!


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