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D&D Dice Set – SOLD OUT

Dungeons and Doritos Dice and Bag

Campaign and roll out!

  • 4 custom nacho-flavored D6s
  • Screen-printed D&D dice bag
  • Laser-etched D&D logos
  • Let the fates decide!


Dungeons & Doritos dice are here!
A set of 4 nacho-flavored D6es with the Dungeons & Doritos logo laser-etched into the crits. Who needs dots anymore? Roll with the might of CHAIR!

These are quality, Chessex dice in the cheesiest flavor we could find.* And the first 75 orders will have each of their plain nacho dice swapped-out for a limited-run Fiery Habanero die! Zesty!

These four dice come packaged in muslin pouches straight outta Doritodonia, with the D&D logo screen printed on them! These bags are perfect for toting your full set of many-sided decision-makers.

Roll like the corn chip-loving orcish princess rogue you pretend to be!

Got pics of yourself in some of our finery? Send ‘em over and become a NERD IN ACTION.
Just send pics to

*Please do not attempt to actually eat Dungeons & Doritos dice. It does not haz a flavor.

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