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Dungeons & Doritos :: Update July 2017 :: Unscheduled Hiatus

Posted by NerdyShow on July 2, 2017

Some bad news Dungeons & Doritos fans. Our next episode, coming out later this month, will be our last for an undetermined amount of time.

This unscheduled hiatus is the result of an unfolding struggle for one of our key cast members, which Cap can offer some clarity on in this audio update. The short version is that we have no idea when we’ll be able to resume recording. It’s a bummer situation all around.

This all comes at a really challenging time for two other reasons: 1) Ghostbusters: Resurrection just went on an unscheduled hiatus for completely unrelated circumstances. And 2) a large shift in our Patreon funding has put us in a position where if D&D were still on schedule, we might not be able to afford for it to come out monthly anymore. Again, details in this accompanying audio bulletin.

We’ll keep our Dungeons & Doritos feed updated with details as they come in and we’ll get back to recording as soon as possible. In the meantime we’re going to divert our production efforts and funding to finishing up several other in-demand RPG audio drama projects: Star Wreck, Pokéballs of Steelix, and a new installment of The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program.

If you’re not already, please consider joining us on The Nerdy Show Network Patreon. Even a dollar makes a huge difference and helps offer us the stability we need to keep ahead of production.

As soon as we’re able, our quest will begin again.

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  • Daniel Devine

    Take all the time you guys need to sort your affairs. I’m sure everyone gets it.

    • capblackard

      Thanks dude.

  • Jaxx

    Hi guys, this is Jaxx from FNF discord. I love you guys so much and will be sending some donation money your way this weekend. Family affairs are completely understandable and dealing with family crisis is hard. Take your time guys and we’ll await your return. Love from The Doctor and I. <3

    • capblackard

      Thanks so much Jaxx! You folks are amazing.

  • Gaz Holliday

    Our best wishes to the DM and family. Keep rolling those dice and bringing Nerdy Show from strength to strength

  • Dave Rapp

    If this was Dungeons and Dragons, I would simply use my action to Aid Another. It’s okay guys, I roll lots of twenties!

    Much love, everyone. This, too, shall pass.

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