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Episode 184 :: Movies That Actually Need Sequels

Posted by NerdyShow on June 16, 2014

ep184 300Movie sequels are a tricky business. Crappy movies get sequels all the time and on occasion perfectly good standalone movies are forced into the sequel game with mixed results or even the dreaded… direct to video sequel.

Meanwhile, plenty of perfectly good film franchises are lying in wait as other movies are given the full-service sequel treatment. So what films actually need sequels?  Nerdy Show listener Arkais requested that we discuss just that.  Join a whole party of Nerdy Show personalities from across the Network (Cap, Hex, Doug, Tony, Brandon, La Valle, and Trench of Nerdy Show, Jarrod of Flame On, and boR of Derpy Show) as we feast on treats from Japan (provided by awesome fan Anduin) and give our two cents on what films desperately need a follow-up.

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  • I get called Galdap everyday because Gladap junior is my username wherever I go and it’s what all my skype friends call me, so EVERY single time I hear it used to refer to the ACTUAL Galdap I immediately think “Oh sweet they’re talking about me!”

    • Cap

      Heh. This is a weird thing for all of us.

  • Just listening to this and couldn’t help but notice no one mentioned that Bob Hoskins passed away at the end of April. Here’s the obituary at The Gaurdian:

    RIP, Bob. Thank you for all your great work over the years.

  • The sound of music was during WWI. Jesus Christ, Brendan. Jesus Christ.

  • Also, such a bummer that Almost Human with Karl Urban got cancelled. Such a great cast that show. Would love to see him in another Dredd film, but I do kinda love it at as a cult-hit stand alone.

  • Sorry, meant Brandon, not Brendan.

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