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Dungeons & Doritos :: D&D-Day

Posted by NerdyShow on September 5, 2011

Following their harrowing ordeal with the golems, our heroes have spent a very indulgent two weeks on the Isle of Mages. But, at last, the word finally comes that their time on that shimmering Isle has ended, and their quest to restore the trapped Jen’Ifer begins.

Sailing across the sea, Vimak, Barty, Lefty, Jamela, and Chair, must make landfall at an ominously-labeled beach – teaming with brutal and blood-thirsty Orcs.  Arrows fly, catapults launch, blades flash in the light of smouldering corpse-kindled fires!  It’s all-out war.

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How did it all start? Open Dungeons & Doritos – BOOK I to revel in our early quests and venture to the main Dungeons & Doritos page to procure our most recent adventures.


  1. A Quest for Dip (Theme to Dungeons & Doritos) :: Level 99
  2. Night Trap Theme :: Sunny BlueSkyes & Martin Lund
  3. KABOOM! Overture :: I Fight Dragons
  4. Dance of Swords :: Jeremy Soule & Julian Soule
  5. Ancient World :: Jeremy Soule
  6. Bright Spears Dark Blood :: Jeremy Soule & Julian Soule
  7. Tonight (DnD) :: Allie Goertz (Cossbysweater)
  8. Fly From Here – Overture :: Yes Fly from Here – Overture - Fly from Here

Tracks in bold are played in full. This month’s episode features a beautiful acoustic track by Allie Goertz, aka Cossbysweater.  The version on the episode is her recently-recorded studio version, but you can check out the video of her original recording here.  The episode also feature’s a brand-new track from Yes. Their first new album in many years, Fly From Here, dropped recently and it’s awesome.

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Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak

Barty :: Lefty

Character generator still in development.



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