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Episode 900 :: Bad-Ass’d

Posted by Cap on March 24, 2010


bad-ass'd 300What the heck!? We’re already at Episode 900!! Must be because, just like Deadpool, we’re so BAD-ASS!! If you don’t already have a pair, get ready to grow one, ’cause this episode is starring some of the manliest men who’ve dipped their wick into geekdom.  No, not Nerdy Show – those guys are wusses!  We’re talking to Deadpool and Wolverine scribe, Daniel Way, smooth talkin’ space mayor, Billy Dee Williams, hard-boiled Sgt. Rock writer/artist, Billy Tucci, mister Latino machismo himself, Erik Estrada, and the somewhat meeker, but certainly strong-jawed, MC Frontalot.

How’d we score all this raw man-power? Between MegaCon and Cap’s sojourn to Austin, Texas for SXSW we wracked up an assload of interviews that are ready to blow!  So pound some beer, wrestle a hound dog, flex your glutes, drink some black coffee, eat a rare steak, and listen to this hard-boiled episode.

We guarantee you’ll grow at least one full beard… but there’s no telling where.


  1. Welcome to the Funky House :: djpretzel
  2. I AM ROBOT (Live at Nerdapalooza 2008) :: Killer Robots! CD site
  3. Sugar Cubes :: Choker, Uncle Fester, Thesis Sahib, & Jesse Dangerously
  4. Knife Fight :: Lemon Demon with Marty from Uncle Monsterface
  5. The Red and the Black :: Blue Oyster Cult Blue Öyster Cult - Tyranny and Mutation - The Red and the Black
  6. Heavy Metal :: Sammy Hagar Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal (Music from the Motion Picture) - Heavy Metal
  7. Zero Day (ft. int eighty of Dual Core & ytcracker) :: MC Frontalot MC Frontalot - Zero Day - Zero Day
  8. Bait Thief :: Bit_Rat
  9. YO HO HO (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009) :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew CD site
  10. Splash Hill Zone Act 1 :: Jen Senoue
  11. Spit Fresh (with More or Les) :: Wordburglar Wordburglar featuring More Or Les - Burglaritis - Spit Fresh (Featuring More Or Les)
  12. Money (Klopfenpop Remix) :: I Fight Dragons


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Cap is Executive Producer of The Nerdy Show Network as well as Lead Host of the titular Nerdy Show podcast and one of the site's founders. His illustration, graphic design, and writing both journalistic and fictitious have appeared in various publications and public spaces.
  • Marc

    That picture hit me like a ton of bricks. God damnit.

  • Jellybean

    That picture is awesome and I want the original.

  • Phrozt

    That really is a fantastic ass. I don’t really know what a hot ass looks like on a chick, but I do know that Keyra Augsustawtfever has a fantastic ass. Along similar lines, I’m not attracted to guys *nor* do I know what a hot ass looks like on a guy.. but I somehow *KNOW* that the above ass is a great ass.

    Also… you were talking about networking on the phone/360/etc… here’s something rather pathetic I thought you guys might like to know about:

  • Cap


    Yikes, man, I ain’t paying no XBL hookers. I got 3 reasons – STDs, blackmail, and if you kill them they just respawn.

  • Zeus

    The “Watch the Predators trailer” link is wrong. Currently it is linking to some french movie. As you know the actual link should be

    Great episode guys :D.

  • Cap


    Thanks dude! Link is now fixed!

    Actually, the French movie was a talking point we didn’t get to this episode (next episode) It’s a new Luc Besson movie (5th Element) I’m uber-excited.

  • Damos

    Hiya gang! Normally get the show through itunes, but this episode isn’t appearing.

  • Cap


    Hy back at ya, amigo. We’ve heard about the iTunes deficiency (which is still the case for season 3 episode 4) and we’re working through some possible fixes. We have no clue why this happens from time to time.

  • Anphorus

    Ah, so there is a problem with this episode for everyone? Here I thought it was iTunes that was the problem. Makes a change, I guess…

  • Alehaha

    Seriously though
    who’s butt is that?
    Where did it come from?

  • Cap


    Sadly, it is none of our butts. I’d find it for you guys if I could, but it came from a cluttered maze of Google image searches. Try combos of “hairy” “man” and “butt” if you want to go on ass quest 2010. Also, I encourage everyone to get and “I <3 DP" ass tat. If you do and send pics I will give you a prize.

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