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  1. Episode 900 :: Bad-Ass’d

    Posted by Cap on March 24, 2010

    What the heck!? We’re already at Episode 900!! Must be because, just like Deadpool, we’re so BAD-ASS!! If you don’t already have a pair, get ready to grow one, ’cause this episode is starring some of the manliest men who’ve dipped their wick into geekdom.  No, not Nerdy Show – those guys are wusses!  We’re […]

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  2. Episode 008 :: Pokésode

    Posted by Hex on March 17, 2010

    At long last, the Pokésode!  Where we give (almost) unabashed love to all 493 Pokémon!  Well, we all know Mike is the true Pokémaniac/Poképhile amongst us, the rest of Nerdy Show are just along for the ride.  But, to make things interesting, we’ve brought back our atrocious counterparts from Overclocked After Dark to revel in […]

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