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  1. Episode 30 :: Metroid Babies

    The Nerdy Show SEASON 3 FINALE! With Metroid: Other M just having come out for the Wii, now seems like the best time for Nerdy Show to devote a whole episode to one of the greatest game series’ of all-time, Metroid, and it’s bounty hunting protagonist – Samus Aran!  But something’s gone awry for the […]

  2. Episode 29 :: Fight the Power [Button]

    My fellow Nerds, a crisis is upon us. As some of you may have heard, a recent high court ruling in the UK has greatly jeopardized the future of the Chiptunes movement. The hardware integral to creating music from current and retro gaming systems is now illegal. This aggression will not stand, man – and […]


    You know how we’ve been inviting you to Ask Triforce Mike Anything on Formspring?  Now’s your chance to ASK NERDYSHOW ANYTHING – LIVE! This Monday, August 2nd between 7pm and 9pm EST We’re holding a call-in show.  Dial us up in to ask the gang anything you want or strike up a conversation about your […]

  4. Episode 24 :: Nerdapalooza AFTERMATH

    Exhausted and scatter-brained we relive the excitement of Nerdapalooza while it was still fresh in our minds, the day after. As you can probably guess from the lateness of this podcast, we are ALL really sore from Nerdapalooza. It was a spectacular weekend and all of us had a great time. We have a LOT […]

  5. Episode 021 Accessory :: The WTF of The Headmasters

    We get into some pretty zany Transformers talk in Episode 21 “More Than Meets the Eye”, and it’s cool as hell, but this… this is in a world all it’s own.  An accessory to the action robot that is Episode 21, where not only do we get into some more hardcore Transformers talk, but we […]

  6. E3 Vidcasts :: The Pre-show

    Aaaaand we’re off! Cap, Triforce Mike, and Colin have hit the road – venturing from sunny Orlando, Florida to likewise sunny Los Angeles, California.  We spent an afternoon and evening taking in the sights and smells of Los Angeles (more on that in a future bonus video) then we hop on over to the L.A. […]

  7. Nerdy Show is going to E3! Daily Vidcasts!

    Nerdy Show is going to E3 2010!  We’re going to be vidcasting all week long from L.A. giving you daily coverage of all the cool things we saw and played and neato people we talk to – plus nerdy antics abound!  We’ve got some killer appointments with destiny lined up (listen to our last episode […]

  8. Episode 020 :: Cosmic Things

    Come with us, dear listeners – BEYOND! Into the ballroom of the skies, where the infinite COSMOS are rife with unfathomable mysteries! Where space men and women wear sexy outfits and shoot BEAMS! Pew-pew-pew! Whoosh! Nerdy Show adventures into the realms of our favorite cosmic comic books and some cosmic other stuff too! Captaining our […]

  9. Episode 019 :: Peaks Freaks

    Featuring interviews with ‘Peaks mega-fan Schaffer the Darklord and Matt Haley, the man who almost got Twin Peaks Season 3 made as a graphic novel.

  10. Episode 018 :: Lost with a C-quel

    It’s all over.  Lost has finally ended after six seasons and Nerdy Show cannot let that landmark event go unnoticed.  But all is not as it seems on Nerdy Show.  Two of our friends are missing and have been replaced by… others.  These impostors may appear to be Hex and Brain, but we assure you […]

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