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  1. Episode 900 :: Bad-Ass’d

    Posted by Cap on March 24, 2010

    What the heck!? We’re already at Episode 900!! Must be because, just like Deadpool, we’re so BAD-ASS!! If you don’t already have a pair, get ready to grow one, ’cause this episode is starring some of the manliest men who’ve dipped their wick into geekdom.  No, not Nerdy Show – those guys are wusses!  We’re […]

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  2. Episode 11 :: Haunted Hangover

    Posted by Hex on November 4, 2009

    In this episode, we’re still recovering from our respective Halloweens and have a very spooky episode of Nerdy Show. There are talking dogs. We also finally give our full expose on the 2009 International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality that our sci-tech news guy, Jon West, attended.  The practicality of virtual plate cats is […]

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  3. Episode 08 :: Dungeons & Doritos Part 2

    Posted by Hex on October 18, 2009

    The conclusion to the first chapter in the sure to be legendary misadventures of CHAIR, Jen’Ifer, Vimak, and Jamela in the magical world of Doritodonia. Find out what Mike meant when he said something happened to CHAIR’s brain. Knowing him, it can’t mean anything safe for his comrades’ respective virtue. UPDATE: This episode has been […]

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  4. Episode 00: Season 2 Pilot

    Posted by Hex on August 21, 2009

    So, Triforce Mike and I are back for Season 2 of Nerdy Show! As it was just the two of us, we decided to call this Episode 00. Unfortunately our man in the field, Cap, is just that, in the field. He’s touring Europe, spreading the nerdy gospel, but he’ll be back to rock the […]

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