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Triforce Mike Tribute

Posted by NerdyShow on February 2, 2012

On January 31st we lost a friend, brother, /co/merade, brony, poképhile, and so so so much more – the one, the only, the legendary: Triforce Mike.

The night of Sunday, the 29th, he was hit by a car while biking. The crash put him into an unconsciousness from which he’d never wake.  On the 30th, hundreds of people came to his hospital room to pay respects, friends and family arrived from out of town and overseas to be with him.  That following day, after his passing, the Nerdy Show family and his oldest friends gathered for one very raw, emotional tribute recording.  It was the largest assemblage of Nerdy Show crew ever in one place at one time.

In this episode we share our favorite stories from his life, stories about what he meant to us, and how he changed our lives.  Recording this episode was a chance for all of us to really come to terms, together, with the reality of his loss.  It helped us each reach a catharsis and prepare for the road ahead.  It’s intimate, unedited, and there’s a lot of really rough moments. But, it’s something we wanted to share. It’s Mike as we knew him.

If you ever really wanted to know the man, if you ever were curious about what a crazy kid he was, ever wondered when and how he first shit his pants, or were ever curious how one crazy bastard could make a difference in the lives of thousands – Listen on.

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We’ll miss you, Mike.


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