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Triforce Mike Tribute

Posted by NerdyShow on February 2, 2012


On January 31st we lost a friend, brother, /co/merade, brony, poképhile, and so so so much more – the one, the only, the legendary: Triforce Mike.

The night of Sunday, the 29th, he was hit by a car while biking. The crash put him into an unconsciousness from which he’d never wake.  On the 30th, hundreds of people came to his hospital room to pay respects, friends and family arrived from out of town and overseas to be with him.  That following day, after his passing, the Nerdy Show family and his oldest friends gathered for one very raw, emotional tribute recording.  It was the largest assemblage of Nerdy Show crew ever in one place at one time.

In this episode we share our favorite stories from his life, stories about what he meant to us, and how he changed our lives.  Recording this episode was a chance for all of us to really come to terms, together, with the reality of his loss.  It helped us each reach a catharsis and prepare for the road ahead.  It’s intimate, unedited, and there’s a lot of really rough moments. But, it’s something we wanted to share. It’s Mike as we knew him.

If you ever really wanted to know the man, if you ever were curious about what a crazy kid he was, ever wondered when and how he first shit his pants, or were ever curious how one crazy bastard could make a difference in the lives of thousands – Listen on.

We’ll miss you, Mike.


  1. Triforce Mike Theme [Live Nerdapalooza 2009] :: Uncle Monsterface
  2. I Fight Ganon :: I Fight Dragons
  3. U-House :: Insomnitrak
  4. The True Story Of Triforce Mike & Marc With a C :: Marc With a C


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  • Cap, listening to you at the end was the most real thing that I had felt listening to this.

  • From the mouth of Miriam:
    Mike and I made up at Nerdapalooza, we discussed the Mega-con event, but he totally left out the part about his sexy make out with Aaron! WOW!!!!
    When Mike heard my story about hanging out with our childhood idols, and THAT being the reason for me wishing to talk to him, he laughed that big, beautiful, amazing laugh of his, and was very proud of me upon learning the night ended in a very Mike fashion: me covered in a pool of my own sick. LOL
    Man, I’m glad I could be a part of Aaron’s love for Mike becoming physical, and I will miss Mike and his shoving his tongue down throats forever.

  • Totally agree with Pelleon, this has been surreal and hearing the outpour of emotion just cut me to the core. I had to stop the show for a while cause i was losing it at work. Mike may have never grabbed my balls but he tugged the fuck outta my heart. Thanks for letting the community be such a part of this.

  • I really wanted this to be some sort of February April Fools joke. I can’t even listen to this yet, I’m already crying!

    R.I.P. Triforce Mike. He’s chasing those pink skirted princesses in heaven now.

  • The post about immortality through podcasting was mine, ya jackasses. Haha, I’m just glad the sentiment stayed with you.

    Amazing episode. Thanks for sharing all that with us.

  • Shit, I’m so sorry you guys.

    I put off listening this for a couple of days out of disbelief. It’s still taken me a couple of days to digest this piece by piece.

    I don’t have a lot to add. I know you guys will keep up your creative endeavors in Mike’s spirit and keep on keeping on.

    I’ve got nothing. I’m sorry.

  • A final addendum.

    I’m really thankful to you all for assembling this great meeting of minds. I’ve listened to Nerdy Show for a long time and it’s gone a long way towards the past couple of frankly pretty crappy years. I hope at least on a weekly basis you guys are shown appreciation for doing all of the awesome things you have done.

    It means a lot.

  • This was an amazing thing to listen to, I just wish there was more time to hear stories about Mike and the rest of you guys. I also appreciate how even going through all this that you guys still read the forum posts. I also didn’t know that Mike got drunk so much, and after listening to this I feel like I know him better, but most of what everyone said about him kind of came out in the show, even if some of it was subtle.

  • That was intense. It took me about a month to finally work up the courage to listen to this, mainly because the same day I heard about Mike’s passing my grandfather also passed away after a sudden though not entirely unexpected illness. The thought of the two of them had gotten so intermingled that I couldn’t even get through the opening song on my first couple of tries without breaking into tears. Finally I managed to get up the courage to grit my teeth and bear through it, and I have to say I’m glad I did. Listening to all those great memories you guys have of him really helped me better understand him as a person, and my only wish is that the rest of us could have seen more of it. But, I found myself laughing more than I was crying, and I think the memory of Triforce Mike is really what that boils down to.

  • It’s taken a long time for me to get around to listening to this. I never knew Mike in person but listening to the show from the first ones on iTunes, I considered him a friend. This episode tore me up, brought me to tears, and had me laughing out loud all in one sitting. Thank you guys for this, it was wonderful being able to hear everyone’s memories and stories.

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