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Derpy Show :: Episode 43 :: Get in the Guy Pile

Posted by boR on May 13, 2015

Guy-Pile 1400

Unscripted, unrefined, and completely uncouth; hang with Derpy Show – the nerd comedy podcast with a penchant for aimless odysseys.

Strap on your headphones and GET IN THE GUY PILE! But first you’ll need to be subjected to a hipster check. What is that and why is Neofaust doing it to everyone? Find out? Maybe.

The gang discusses some recent and very pressing news topics including Chinese funeral strippers, glass dildo urns, polygamist sex ninjas, and password security. Be prepared to boogie – this is one of our most musical episodes to date! Don’t forget to order Derpin’ to the 80s; derperators are standing by.


boR, Chan Sterling, Neofaust, Tony

Derp Lurkers:
Miss Terri Guest, Coheed Kitgannon



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boR originally joined the network as one of the main driving forces behind the infamous podcast known as Derpy Show. Now he can be found producing and starring in the network's flagship podcast, Nerdy Show. When he's not podcasting or updating/maintaining, he can usually be found fixing people's computers, playing video games, tuning vehicles for maximum performance / fuel efficiency, or behind an audio mixing console at a convention. Buy his new ebook at

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