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Derpy Show :: Episode 16 :: Singin’ and Bangin’

Posted by NerdyShow on January 16, 2013

singin and bangin On this very musical episode of Derpy Show, Neofaust once again brings his guitar. The gang discusses the new Sonic the Hedgehog fan movie, Titanic 2, fake ghost sightings, and Final Fantasy VIII.

Later, they discuss what would happen if they had a time machine that could only be used to go back in time and have sex with people (time travel bangs). What will Neofaust sing about? Did anyone actually win the Derp Dome? These questions will be answered, yet somehow you’ll still be left wondering, on this derptastic episode of DERPY SHOW!

Light Guest Derping

  • Doctor Misses The Dirty Hipster
  • Charlie the Derp Dog


  • Derpy Show Theme¬†:: Careless of Random Encounter

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