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More Audio Adventures from The Nerdy Show Network

Check out further adventures from The Nerdy Show Network – scripted and unscripted! Did you know that the hosts of Nerdy Show have had their fair share of uncanny paranormal experiences while podcasting? Or if that’s too terrifying, there’s always the lighter side of kaiju in the giant monster sitcom, How I Met Your Mothra or the strangeness of when they dial in to other worlds on Nerdcasting the Multiverse.


ep255 600Nerdcasting the Multiverse

Journey with us to a new dimension in podcasting! We listen in on other realities and discover if our geeky programming is truly the finest in the multiverse. Learn dark truths on Greetings from Twilight Gulch, learn how to be inoffensive on Safe Words, get sound advice from The No Fangs Radio Hour, and hear both sides of the Reptilian conspiracy on Scale Watchers and Underground Radio – and those are just a few of the multiversal programs we’ve discovered.


Met your Mothra 300How I Met Your Mothra

We unearthed the classic kaiju sitcom! Join hapless dad Godzilla and sassy mom, Mothra as they try to keep their all-monster family from destroying everything in sight.  It’s 30 stories of nuclear laughs, and it’s a mouse click away.


The Curious Case of Dean Wallace

Nothing could have prepared Nerdy Show for THIS. Their friend, Dean Wallace, has gone missing and the team suspects werewolves. Hear Nerdy Show speak out against creatures of the night with the help of youth organization No Fangs.  But it’s not just werewolves giving them the spooks. Inexplicable happenings have Nerdy Show questioning their already wavering beliefs… Can ghosts haunt data files like video games and podcasts?


Nerdy Show’s Life Day Spectacular

The Nerdy Crew is taking their Wookie pal, Grumpy, up to Brian’s cabin in the woods to celebrate Life Day. But now they’re stuck in the worst holiday traffic jam of all time! Join the entire Nerdy Show gang, Flame On, Marc With a C, and special guests I Fight Dragons for a holiday special that’ll chill your spine and warm your soul!


Nerdy Show DeclassifiedNS Declassified 300

Join us as we seek the truth behind UFOs, Atlantis, Paul McCartney, and every government cover-up in-between. Featuring interviews with the illusive blogger behind Crazy Fucking Conspiracies, MK Ultra rapper Mrs. Paintbrush aka Jackson of Grand Buffet, and historical mysticism author Lanaia Lee. Draw the blinds, put on your tin foil helmet, and open your minds.  The truth is out there.


Bustin 300Bustin’ with Central Florida Ghostbusters Part 1 | Part 2

What started as a chill interview with the Central Florida Ghostbusters turns into a Cops-style ride-along!  Not only do we discuss some of the finer points about ghost busting; we ask Orlando’s finest to discuss eerie, fan-chosen topics. It’s just another day-in-the-life for the GBs, but for for Nerdy Show, it’s a night we’ll never forget.


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