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Derpy Show :: Episode 25 :: Shadow Ball Gyration

Posted by NerdyShow on May 24, 2013

Nerdy Show » Nerdy ShowWhat in the hell is Shadow Ball Gyration? Line up, turn on the flood light, and drop your pants! It’s time to learn the proper way to settle an argument. The gang also discusses the world of Harry Potter and the nature of spoilers in a way only they could. You can also look forward to a new segment called “Texts From boR’s Mom”, Miss Teri Guest wins all of the points, RoboJoe would just like to point out something, DJ Snorlax shows off his penis behind a dumpster, and boR remixes everything. All this and more “hang dang” than any other episode of Derpy Show thus far!

DJ Snorlax, boR, Neofaust, RoboJoe

Guest Derps:
Miss Teri Guest

Doctor Misses The Dirty Hipster



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