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Kickstart Chamber Band’s Sophomore Album – Inspired by Hunger Games!

Posted by Jess on November 17, 2014

Folk-rock outfit Chamber Band first blew our minds with their Dungeons & Dragons-inspired album Dieties last year. In fact, we loved that record much that they ranked #6 on our Top 20 Nerdy Things of 2013 list.

Our love affair continued this past March when Chamber Band joined us to talk tabletop roleplaying as part of our RPG Month! If it seems that we can’t stop talking about them, it’s because they’re really, really good. I mean- it’s not every day that you come across a band that puts together an incredibly compelling album set in the world of D&D, that’s so well crafted that if you know nothing about the game it’s an incredible collection of songs, but if you do know D&D lore then it’s highly referential and even deeper… Suffice it to say that fans of Dungeons and Doritos should get really into it.

That said – our favorite nerdy band has taken to Kickstarter in order to fund their sophomore album, Careers.

Careers is based in the world of the Hunger Games, and Chamber Band needs your help to get this album recorded….in a barn. Which is really pretty awesome. They’re just a few days away from the funding drive closing, and are still inches from their $6500 goal. Much like Deities, the album promises to be an engrossing listen whether you’re a Hunger Games fan or not. If you’re hungry for a taste, they’ve posted some demos for your listening pleasure.

So go! Back Chamber Band on Kickstarter so that the odds may ever be in their favor. And if you’d doubt how cool these dudes are, just have a listen to our hang session with them on Nerdy Show:

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