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Flame On :: Oral Strikes Back!

Posted by TheQ on August 22, 2011

Are you ready for a super sexy, sleazy, scintillating podcast? Well, you better try somewhere else because all we’ve got here are gays, nerds, and gay nerds.

We kick off with three of this summer’s biggest blockbusters: Captain America, Harry Potter, and Cowboys and Aliens! Not even Hermione’s spells can save us from the tear-jerking ending to two of these movies — the third one just made us want to cry for our money back!

Who said all heroes wear capes? Some wear hiking boots to the mall and save dozens of people in Norway! Listen in for some heroic lesbian news, and hear us discuss the F-word!

Is that a vampire on my neck or did Oral give me a hickie? True Blood gets gay, Torchwood gets gayer, and Wonder Woman takes home the cake! Pants? No pants? Who cares? Just choke me with that lasso and call me a bad boy!

Another listener submits his Relationship and Dating Advice question (submit yours in the comments below or ask us at and we give him our best tips on how to keep his nerdiness in check. Will he get laid? Hopefully, but we’re no Madame Web here!

Q went on his biggest Quest-ion of all: San Diego Comic Con! Hear all about the Locke and Key pilot, the Green Lantern secrets revealed by Geoff Johns, how to get into the best panels, and more!

She didn’t go to rehab (enough), so maybe she should have gone to Nerdapalooza! Hear us discuss music news: Amy Winehouse and the world’s biggest nerdcore concert festival!

And we climax with a load of comic news: Black/Hispanic Spider-man, The New 52 DC announcements, a Class mini-comic for “It Gets Better,” and our reviews of X-Men: Schism, Flashpoint, Alan Moore’s 1969, and Spider Island!

Like the show? Hate it? Are you begging on all fours for more like Oral in a bath house? Let us know in the comments below or on the forums!

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