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Ghostbusters: Resurrection – Season 1 now on Nerdy Show!

Posted by NerdyShow on October 5, 2012


Bustin’ makes us feel good! Nerdy Show is proud to present Ghostbusters: Resurrection – An unofficial RPG podcast about America’s newest Ghostbusting team. Hopefully by now you’ve enjoyed the first episode we posted last month and are ready for the whole twinkie. All of GBR season 1 is now on Nerdy Show with its own official page at – where you can find their official Ghostbusters legal documents, item cards, fan art and more.

For all the latest news & updates head over to the official GBR tumblr and char about the show on the Nerdy Forums.

Get bustin’:


Call the Ghostbusters! (321) 209-2020 They’re ready to believe YOU!


  • After hearing the 1st episode I listened to the others on their tumblr, these guys are great and I cant wait to hear what they have in-store for Season 2!

  • Absolutely love the show. I truly cannot express how happy you have made this huge GB fan.

    Two quick questions:

    1.) Is there some reason only 3 episodes (1, 13, 17 or something of that sort) can be found on iTunes?

    2.) How might I go about downloading the episodes from this site? When I click download, it opens a streaming player in a new window.

    Thanks again for the amazing show and for any help you might offer.

  • Cap

    @Matt Glad you like it, man!

    Not sure why iTunes is bugging out like that. It can get funny sometimes. Within the next while we’re hoping to change the way it’s organized, but Apple lets us only do so much.

    As for downloading – getting them from the site is always the best way. Alls you have to do is right-click that download link and the episodes are yours!

  • Thanks Cap! Wasn’t familiar with downloading using that method but you fixed me up.

    I’m loving everything you guys do, and once I’m back to work, expect some regular donations to head your way.

  • This is going to sound kinda sad but until Cap pointed this out and I was at Mr. Douglas Banks home last night I had no idea how to download these episodes…and I’m a Ghostbuster…

  • wunc

    hey guys, not sure whats wrong but the downloads always fail for me now.
    i’ve downloaded the first 9.
    the last couple of days i’ve been trying to get more, but always get “failed – Server problem”. i’m still downloading podcasts from other sites no problem so i don’t think the problem is on my end.
    can you look into it?

    • Cap

      Hey dude, it’s some kind of a problem with Chrome. Download in another browser and it should work. We have no clue what’s causing it, but we’re working on figuring it out.

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