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Nerdy Show :: 2011 Final Boss – Top 20 Nerdy Things Year-End List!

Posted by NerdyShow on December 31, 2011

Once more another year has ended, and once more we must face THE FINAL BOSS.  This is it! Our annual year-end listravaganza where we rank all genre, rank, and phylum of nerdy items against each other in one condensed list РThe Top 20 Nerdy Things of 2011. We pit scientific discoveries against movies, people against music, television against gaming innovation Рno one is safe, all are judged.


  1. My Baby Left Me (For Skyrim) :: Kabuto the Python featuring Shaffer the Darklord
  2. Ska Buffet :: The Overclocked Plaid Muffins
  3. Introduction :: Random Encounter
  4. Turtle Power! :: Thunderclash
  5. Ghostbusters :: Armcannon
  6. The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth :: I Fight Dragons The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth - Kaboom!
  7. Red to Yellow, Purple to Blue :: DJ RoboRob
  8. One Winged Angel :: Mega Ran featuring Storyville One Winged Angel - Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII
  9. Spice Train :: Thomas Dolby Spice Train - A Map of the Floating City
  10. Tell Me Somethin’ :: Adam WarRock
  11. Skyward :: C418
  12. I Lost on Jeopardy “Weird Al” Yankovic I Lost On Jeopardy - In 3-D

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The TOP 20 NERDY THINGS of 2011

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