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Flame On :: S02 :: Gender Roles 101

Posted by Bryan on September 14, 2012

Thanks to listeners like YOU, the boys of Flame ON! were able to attend this year’s Gay Days! The price…well, it almost cost us an entire episode about lady parts. Thanks to some last minute intervention by a few loyal listeners, the winning topic of our Support Drive was Gender Roles in Media.

Jarrod leads this somewhat erudite and irreverent discussion with Bryan, Oral, Eric, the Question, and our talking bear-skin rug Pat. If you’ve ever wondered about how men, women, and the mysterious “third gender” are portrayed in comics, movies, and TV, then listen in!

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Thanks to Gundamking, Anonymous, Hugh O’Donnell, ViralDemon, Tolan, Twomper, Fodder, The Roosevelt Sniper, J-Philip, Josh Dailey, Trench 88, Arkais, barreyi, Muckraker, and Oberlok for their generous support!


  1. “Dude Looks Like a Lady” by Aerosmith
  2. “Androgyny” by Garbage

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