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Tetris Rap Attack Winners & Submissions

tetris-rap-attackAs featured in the the Tetris Rap Attack episode


1st place –
Evers McGee

Astronautalis – “This City Ain’t Just a Skyline”
original beat – “Poochy Mastered”

2nd place –

Masurao – “(Gotta) Beat That Block”
original beat – “Selene”

3rd place –
Nomar Slevik

MC Coolwhip – “Millennium Horses”
original beat – “Astro Tetris”

Gucci Monster – “Tetris Shot”

Guerrilla Beats – “Tetris Rap Attack”

killsaly – “Bowser’s Stage”

krhym3.574r.0n3 – “Water Level”

Nameless – “Tetris Attack Overworld Remix”

greencarpetedstairs – “Astronintendo”

Nightmare Simulation – “Tetris Rap Attack”

Reversed Methods – “Tetris Attack Remix”

Seakn Conrad – “Opening Jam”

TheHT  – “Cordella”

Thanks to all our contestants for an amazing contest.  be sure to keep an eye out and an ear peeled for our next remix contest!

Tetris Rap Attack rules and regs.

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