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The Orphans: Minisode :: Incident Report: 890372

Posted by Zachary on October 2, 2018

There’s a universe of stories in world of The Orphans. This is one of them.

An unexpected breach of security has left The Collective reeling, and Private Cordelia Young must discover the truth behind it all.

This episode was originally released on I am Hear‘s feed as a part of the official event for International Podcast Month.

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Written & Directed by Zachary Fortais-Gomm


Beth Eyre as Cordelia Young & Cordelia Cunningham
Aimee Kember as Nora Black
Declan Galpin as William Tell
Felix Trench as Charles Sans
Gavin Richards as Richard Crown

Music by: James Barbarossa

Voice Edit by: Ella Watts

Special Thanks:
Ella Watts | Liz Campbell | Cap Blackard | Laura Girling

The Orphans is a property of The Light and Tragic Company. For more information please follow us on Facebook and support the series on Patreon.

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