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Flame On :: Episode 216 :: Now That’s What I Call Gay Life: Vol 2. – Apps

Posted by Bryan on January 4, 2019

Flame ON! is the all-gay, all-geek podcast. Tune in as we dish on the latest in pop and queer culture.

I’d love to see your private media!

Dating apps – we have them and we use them, but what do we really get out of them? Beejay leads another personal conversation about living our best gay lives while messaging from behind a glass screen.

The boys dive into what makes a good conversation starter, the best types of profiles and what they’re looking for when checking out other guys on their phones. Plus, Pat and Josh play a guessing game to see if they can figure out what dating apps Beejay currently has on his phone all in this next Gay Life installment!

Sit back and get ready to FLAME ON!



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Just a 30-something coder/musician/gardener with a penchant for all things gay and geeky. Creator/Host of the Flame ON! podcast!

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