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FAN ART: Game of Thrones Style House Sigils for Nerdy Show

Posted by NerdyShow on August 24, 2015


Simon Newell GoTLongtime contributor to Nerdy Show Network fan art, Simon “HeavyDevil” Newell, recently unleashed an amazing collection of themed fan art for Dungeons & Doritos, Lightning Dogs, Friday Night Fanfiction, Ghostbusters: Resurrection, and Pokéballs of Steelix.

These 10 pieces are in the style of Game of Thrones houses, featuring original sigils and house mottos, and are all created and designed by Newell.

Check them out, below!



Dungeons & Doritos House Sigils:



 Lightning Dogs House Sigil:



Friday Night Fanfiction House Sigil:



Ghostbusters: Resurrection House Sigil:

by Simon Newell


Pokéballs of Steelix House Sigil:

by Simon Newell

There’s more fan art for these series on their respective pages, and you can submit your own! More info here:

Dungeons & Doritos Fan Love  |  Lightning Dogs Fan Love

Ghostbusters: Resurrection Fan Love  | Pokéballs of Steelix Fan Love

  • Delphi

    I love these! Both the icons and the house mottos are great tributes to the shows. If I were to make any complaints though, I don’t really think the sigil for House Corney works very well. Stylistically it’s just a lot more detailed than the others which makes it stand out, and a literal pirate (not sure if it’s supposed to be Lefty or not) doesn’t feel right for a representative image when the others are much more symbolic of the characters personalities and abilities. Still a much cooler tribute than anything I could do and I commend HeavyDevil for yet another great collection of fanwork. This may almost outdo “The Jig” in thoughtfulness and creativity.

    • HeavyDevil

      Hey Delpi! Thanks, I really appreciate it! I see what you mean with Lefty’s sigil. I tried to make each one unique. Lefty’s was supposed to look a little like a cross between a wanted poster and a ship’s figure head.

      Personally, I really like Chairs a lot. Everything turned out really well, especially the little details, like the blood/dirt/other stains on the back ground, or the little Cockroach in the tree branches.

      • capblackard

        Oh wow! I didn’t see the cockroach! That’s so perfect!

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