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Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery and Beyond – Secrets From Season 3 and the New Collection

Posted by Cat on August 1, 2014

This week saw the release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery – collecting David Lynch and Mark Frost’s groundbreaking cult series to an unprecedented degree of completion. It’s not just a BluRay collection of the television show restored to pristine quality, it’s not just the first fully-restored cut of the feature film Fire Walk With Me – packaged with the show for the first time, it’s not just new special features, it’s also 88 minutes of canonical deleted scenes from the film. But is that really the entire mystery?

Back in 2010 we interviewed Matt Haley, a comic book artist and filmmaker who came close to officially continuing Twin Peaks as a graphic novel. He spoke with actors, writers, and producers about the project receiving not just their blessings to proceed, but also copious notes on what was planned for the 3rd season of the show. The Season 3 graphic novel got as far as David Lynch, who shot down the project. Hear Haley share what was planned for season 3 in our episode “Peaks Freaks“:

Lynch has made if clear that continuing Twin Peaks at this point is not in the cards. While the fate of the town’s citizens are suspended in speculation and the possibilities shared in Haley’s notes; at least we at long last have The Missing Pieces. If all the scenes in Fire Walk With Me were used, the film would have been something to the tune of four hours. For the sake of making a focused film chronicling the tragic end of Laura Palmer, Lynch had to remove many scenes focusing on the other townsfolk. There had been many attempts to release this now legendary footage, but overseas investors and complicated rights issues gummed up the works until now.

The Missing Pieces isn’t just 88 minutes worth of deleted scenes – it’s fully polished, scored, and edited together by Lynch as his team. It’s essentially an entire film that happens in-between the scenes of Fire Walk With Me. CBS went above and beyond with this set. This past week, I sat in on their panel at San Diego Comic Con where they revealed many of the details on these features and well as the lengths they went to in order to finally present Twin Peaks all together as the singe body of work it was meant to be. In some cases, the restoration team went back to the original reels of daily footage to fix scenes that had resolution issues and in the process discovered deleted scenes from the original series that had been thought lost! They even went so far as to track town the footage reels of the Log Lady intros for every episode – eventually discovered with one of the crew who originally shot it over 20 years ago.

twin peaks bluray set

An exciting new feature on The Entire Mystery is a brand-new conversation between Leland and Laura Palmer (Ray Wise and Sheryl Lee) in character (and in some kind of parallel dimension/ continuity according to the panel) as well as a new round table with the show’s actors and Lynch. However, though this box set is truly the entire series – everything that was filmed and considered to be a part of the story – hold on to your previous editions too, folks! As amazing as the set is for what maters the most, unfortunately it’s not a completionist’s paradise. Director’s commentaries, interviews, archival materials from the amazing Wrapped in Plastic fanzine (R.I.P), and script notes from the early 2000s releases are still absent and the Japanese coffee commercials, SNL sketches, and Julee Cruise music video from the Gold Box are gone too. Even still, The Entire Mystery is a true thing of beauty. The restoration is glorious (the A/B comparisons at the panel were like night and day) and The Missing Pieces alone is worth the price of admission. Buy Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery , check out Kimmy Robertson (aka Lucy Moran) unboxing this gorgeous set, and look below for my list of some essential additions to the characters and world of Twin Peaks:

Essential additions to the characters and world of Twin Peaks:


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