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D&D Episode 6 :: The Labrador & the Laboratory

Posted by NerdyShow on June 28, 2010

The Labrador & the LaboratoryWelcome, fearless listener, to the sixth edition of Dungeons & Doritos! Ye who have been clamoring for more dusty deliciousness have been duly rewarded for your patience, for this month ye have not one but TWO episodes of peril and adventure! DOUBLE-DIP into the salsa of June and savor this zesty treat!

In this episode, Vimak, CHAIR, and Jamela are still en route to Cool Ranch, looking to meet up with their less-than-enthusiastic comrade, Jen’Ifer.  But what’s a road trip without pitstops?  The gang happens upon a prosperous boom town surrounding a wizard’s tower and Jamela smells opportunity, and it smells like… a talking dog!?


Last episode we started using Sagas RPG a system created from the ground up by our new Game Master, Ruel. But “Birdbath” was but a test run that we liked so much we decided to release it.  THIS episode marks our first official use of Sagas and to mark the occasion we’ve finally got our character sheets available online as well as character bios.  The character sheets will change and update as our adventures continue – hooray!

Worried about following along?  Worry not!  Ruel’s got your back – just go HERE for a digital copy of the Fantasy Sagas Player’s Guidebook. Play along with us!

Track Listing:

  1. Aire Tam Break :: Fishy
  2. RocknRolla :: DJ Le Clown
  3. Good Job! :: cthonic, halc

Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak



  • OmniG

    I think Chair caught a spirit of vengeance for his wooden brethren WOW that was killtacular!
    Awesome musical selections this week.

  • Ghouleh

    Why the hell is Jamela male?!

    Also, awesome. I don’t know how much of an international crowd you have, I’d just like to say that you have in me a freaky Brazilian fan who would very much stalk you if I were on the same continent.

  • Cap


    When was Jamela male? She’s a sensual lizard woman devoid of disgusting mammalian squish-bags – I should know, I play her.

    That’s cool as hell that you dig us man. I’ll take your international stalkage any day. Trans-continental knucks.

  • Abyzz

    A great game guys. You are really fun to listen to play since you describe your attacks and the DM is very descriptive about the situations you’re in, it doesn’t hurt either that you guys are generally funny.
    Also, so much thanks for the songs in the episodes, that first one was so action packed that I almost punched a random person in the streets I got so wired up, felt like I could run a marathon while listening to it. I suggest that you guys make that the theme song for the Amber Lamps.

  • Duraphago

    I think he’s referring to the character sheets that say you guys are all 18-year-old males

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  • Cap


    Hmm, good point. I just wanted you guys to have the numbers. Weird details like that and the improperly named spells will be sorted out in the next update! Ssssoon.

  • Ghouleh



    Oh wow, I got an answer from Cap himself.

    Aye, I did mean the character sheets. And I didn’t even notice all of you were 18 in them. Anyway, cannot wait for the next one. And oh, yes, my knowing of Nerdy Show was pure chance from stumbling across Brian’s Nuklear Power.

  • Arkais

    Is it just me, or does the wizard remind anyone else of The Doctor?

  • Justin

    You know, does the world change that happens in the episode a representation of the change over to sagas? Something that I was curious about.

  • @Justin
    That was it in a nut shell. Although it may have other ramifications that still have yet to be revealed.

    That wasn’t intentional, but I can definately see where you are coming from.

    As for the character sheet stuff, we are using a software being developed for Sagas that still hasn’t got the final character sheets working yet. They will be updated soon however with all the proper demographic stuff applied.

  • Cap

    Yeah, what Ruel said. Reason being that our magics etc. won’t actually be working the same way. What was really funny about this episode was that while playing we discovered some additional fine tuning that needed to be done, hence Jamela actually having trouble with her powers, not just the system operating differently. Ah, happy accidents.

  • Fenrir Gochad

    So when is July’s episode? at the end of the month? and that’s when you guys will regularly release an episode?

    it makes me, and my friends, sad that the D&D episodes are so few and far between, and that there is no brian, because that is how i was introduced to nerdy show (8-bit theater update about you guys playing DND…)

    Hope to see more awesomeness soon!

  • Cap

    @Fenrir Gochad

    Next episode will be out soon, it’s been recorded for a while now. We don’t release episodes at any set point during the month, just once a month. Sometimes (like last month after E3) it helps us pace things better. In this case Nerdy Show is only running late due to an unforseen snafu, it was recorded on time. It’ll be up soon and the DnD will be out before the end of July.

    Don’t worry, Brian isn’t gone. We want him in the show as well. We’d like to do DnD more frequently, but the simple act of including Brian is hard enough, once a month is all we can manage for now.

  • BLAM

    Hey! Furniture has feelings too guys. My grandmother was an end table. Always wore a fancy lamp.

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