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The Nerd Groove :: Episode 4 :: Forging a Genre

Posted by Dr. Vern on August 26, 2014

Nerd GrooveYour monthly fix for Nerd Music is here! It’s Dr. Vern’s The Nerd Groove!

On this episode we talk with Marc With a C – a nerdy indie rocker very familiar to listeners of The Nerdy Show Network. Marc discusses the 10th Anniversary re-release of his breakthrough album, Bubble Gum Romance. The record is being issued on vinyl for the first time and in this episode we play an exclusive, previously unreleased track from that album’s recording sessions. Marc discusses staying true to his music and himself, keeping close to his roots, and we explore how he has helped to forge a genre. We’ll also take a closer look at some Scrub Club Records artists such as: StarF, DJ RoboRob and RPG-Unit, and explore the Seattle nerd music scene.

New tracks abound and Ailsean of OC Remix, keeps this whole episode Grooving.


  1. No Strings :: I Fight Dragons
  2. Handsome Jackass :: RPG-Unit feat. MadHatter as Handsome Jack
  3. Nerdy Girls :: Marc With a C
  4. Dickpuncher II: Return of the Dickpunch :: StarF
  5. Super Funktroid :: Ailsean
  6. Everything is Awesome :: Kirby Krackle
  7. Start Over :: MC Frontalot
  8. Redshirt :: Jonathan Coulton
  9. X and Y :: Supercommuter feat. Adam Warrock
  10. Science Genius Girl :: Freezepop
  11. Reading Rainbow :: Doug Funnie
  12. A Geek Like Me :: The Simple Carnival
  13. Don’t Panic :: Klopfenpop feat. MC117, Milk-Plus, and Diabeats
  14. Zero Wing: All Your Base are Belong to Us :: Megadriver
  15. If I Could Be Weird Al :: Moneyshot Cosmonauts
  16. Con of Consciousness [DJ Roborob Remix] :: Soup or Villainz feat. MC Wreckshin and Professor Shyguy
  17. Liana :: Marc With a C
  18. You’re Not Alone :: Ailsean feat. Dale North


Featured background jams:

  1. Scars Left by Time :: Ailsean feat. Dale North
  2. Terra Obsidian :: Ailsean
  3. Surfin’ on the Blocks :: Ailsean


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