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Nerdy Show 246 :: The Gene Pool: Human-Animal Hybrids and the Deadpool Movie

Posted by NerdyShow on January 20, 2016

ep246Every other week, The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast unloads on the latest geek news and happenings!

No doubt about it – reality is getting stranger by the day. When scientists are citing sci-fi fears of human-animal hybridization as a danger too real to risk, we’re officially off the deep end. Whether we go the route of Animal Farm, Island of Dr. Moreau, or even an anthropomorphic utopia; Nerdy Show will be there for off-color commentary on this crazy nerd world of ours.

Meanwhile, in other laboratory fiction: our favorite Merc With A Mouth, Deadpool is finally hitting the big screen in a true to form adaptation of his murderous misadventures. Or at least we hope it’s true to form… Join Cap, boR, Jess, and Doug as we take on the fan-requested topic of the upcoming film as well as get you hip to the latest craze: Pocket Mortys! We swap stories of collecting an entourage of young boys and making them battle – similar to, but legally-distinct from Pokémon. That’s far from all – tune in for your weekly dose of comics, video games, sci-tech, and film!

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