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EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 015 :: kristybee! Steps Up To The Mic

Posted by Nelson-Lugo on November 27, 2013

piecast-redux-300THE BOYS ARE BACK! After taking a month off to recover from all the shenanigans of October they are here to serve up a nice hot slice of EPIC PIEcast into your ear holes. They talk about music, magic, movies, comic books, videos games – it’s a veritable cornucopia of pop culture delights. Lugo carves up the dark meat and rants about interventions and magic in Orlando. Schaffer then dishes out the white meat by getting his hate on for time travel, steampunks and time traveling steampunks. Then to keep the smorgasbord of awesome going they sit down and get some face time with the next generation of nerdy hip-hop kristybee! Joins us in a food coma of geeky goodness! Gobble Gobble!

The opening theme of Epic Piecast was created by Afterbirth Monkey and the Closing them was created by Dave Famous


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