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The Orphans: Investigation – Episode VI: Addition

Posted by Zachary on September 18, 2018

In Investigation, The Orphans‘ Saga shifts its lens to a missing persons case in Wild Space.

Diana and Richard visit a mysterious outpost on the far side of the planet on the hunt to find the elusive Nora Evers. Tensions are ever-mounting between the two investigators, and so are the stakes, as the nearby Collective Officers realize that the clone who payed them a visit may not have been all he appeared to be…

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Written & Directed by Zachary Fortais-Gomm


Gavin Richards as Richard Hart
Brooke Parrot as Diana Strange
Aimee Kember as Nora Vass & Nora Taylor
Jack Gouldbourne as Axel
Alex Bird as Baz Harrold & Baz Hopps
Elizabeth Benbow as Kathryn Foster

Music by: James Barbarossa

Voice Edit by: Ella Watts

Special Thanks:
Jessica Caddy | Catonpodcasts | Allison Phillips | Laura Girling | Liz Campbell | Cap Blackard

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