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Nerdapalooza Streaming and Nerdy Show Meet-Up

Posted by NerdyShow on August 1, 2012

First and foremost: we are super-excited about how many Nerdy Show fans are making it out to Nerdapalooza this year!  For all of you who can’t make it, never fear.  Nerdapalooza is for the first time ever – STREAMING LIVE!

This year Nerdapalooza is teaming up with Starbound Creative and Nerdy Show to stream as much of the event as we can! We’ve been working together on solving the problem of getting the music out onto the tubes for the better part of a month and we’re very proud to be able to announce this! Starbound Creative will be producing the event and Nerdy Show will be hosting it. You can watch it during Nerdapalooza itself over at our live event hub, Nerdy Show Live. The streaming event will be hosted in-between acts by Cap as well as other Nerdy Show personalities.


All of the Nerdy Show crew that can make it out – Cap, Hex, Colin, Brandon, Jon, Kristin, Marc, Jonna, members of Flame On!, The Gazetteers, and others will be rounding up at 2pm on Sunday for an official Nerdy Show/ Nerdapalooza 2012 hang out. We’ll be kicking it in the Beecham next to the Illuminated Lion booth.  30 minutes of awesomeness, high-fives, and whatever else you wanna do.  This will be a rare chance for Hex to not be running around screaming – so be sure to come out!

Oh, one last thing: we made it onto the cover of the Orlando Weekly. YAY!!! We’ve always had this as a silent goal of ours and we’re indescribably proud to finally have it come to fruition. The photo was taken in The Geek Easy and the models were Nerdapalooza’s own Amanda Beisler, our Merchandise Director, and Nerdy Show’s Cap. Both will be running around at the event, so you can tell them how snazzy they look (and maybe even beg for an autograph). The Orlando Weekly will also have a truckload of issues at the event itself, so don’t forget to pick one up!

Looking forward to partying with you. This weekend: the nerds will rock.

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