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Season 4 Episode 55 :: Microsode – Stand-Up Comedy

Posted by NerdyShow on July 12, 2012

Stand-up comedy is an art form.  One person, one mic. It’s like poetry or spoken word… but funny. At least it’s supposed to be.  In this microsode join Hex, Cap, Tony, Luke, and the Gazetteer‘s Kay as we discuss what makes the medium great and share some of our favorite stand-up comedians.  Tony and Luke are especially excited to dive in – heck, they spent all last Nerdapalooza just talking about it, saying other people’s jokes at each other! It was beautiful. Special thanks to Gundamking who requested this microsode!

Also, just putting this out here because we hadn’t discovered him until after this episode, but Eric André is a genius.  You should watch his show on Adult Swim. Doc Chicken! Doc Chicken! Doc Chicken!


  1. Carlin Step :: DJ Steve Porter & DJ Eli Wilkie (Agent 001)

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