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VIDEO: Wicked Anime at Anime Boston and Best Animes of 2011

Posted by Cat on April 30, 2012

Here at Nerdy Show, we have a gaping hole that needs to be filled. No, not the obvious ones.  It’s anime.  We don’t talk nearly enough about anime.  Sure, we’ve got our moments, and these days I can’t shut up about Shin Chan. (Seriously, go buy it.) But on the whole we don’t really keep up with the latest treasures from Nihon. That’s where Wicked Anime come in. 

Wicked Anime will be bringing you awesome animated commentary on the regular – including events coverage, news and reviews. It’s good timing too – the Nerdy Show community has started their own Anime of the Week Group. We’re pleased to welcome Andrew and Jonathan on as a part of Nerdy Showcase. With their debut on Nerdy Show, they’ve already got two great videos: their experiences at Anime Boston ’12 and their Best of 2011 list. Follow them on facebook or tumblr and get excited for a more anime-enriched future, right here, on Nerdy Show.

– Cap

Wicked Anime at Anime Boston 2012

While we were over at PAX East, Andrew and Jonathan were elsewhere in Boston at Anime Boston 2012.  They’re on the floor and interviewing some cool people, check it out!

Wicked Anime’s Best of 2011

Jonathan: “Yeah, it’s kinda late, but it’s the thought that counts, right? So for the start of the new spring season of anime (Started about 2 weeks ago now), I’ll tell you what I though were the top animes of 2011.”

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