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Flame On :: Happy Harnessmas!

Posted by Bryan on December 23, 2011

Oral might be missing, but the Flame ON! boys still manage to send their seasons greetings with a ho ho and a whole lotta HO! This end-of-year episode dishes on all the latest of geeky gaydom, and we also each share our top favorite moments of the year! Tune in to hear it all from Bryan the Bear, Eric the Power Daddy, Jarrod the Alterna-Guy, and The Question!


We were blown away by the 6-minute prologue and trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, but what the hell was Bane saying? I’m not sure, but it might have been something about the new Lord of the Rings Legos! Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows also intrigued the mysterious Question with an ending that might surprise you, and Jarrod briefly discusses his thoughts on the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (hint, Tom Cruise still hasn’t come out!).


Star Wars: The Old Republic just launched and has already force choked dozens of hours out of Bryan’s life. He’s starting to grow pale, wear hooded cloaks, and spark electricity from his fingertips, so maybe he oughta slow down on leveling that Sith Inquisitor! Hear his thoughts on his first experiences with this huge new MMORPG!

The Force might be strong with Bryan, but The Question has collected the Triforce! He raves about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and its incredible gameplay. For once his arm is hurting from swinging the Wii-mote instead of fapping to gay porn!


The Walking Dead is dead until next year while American Horror Story hits a terrifying crescendo! Make sure to listen in for the latest scoop on both!

Gay News

Chic-fil-A might taste good, but its heavy donating to anti-gay causes has got our feathers ruffled! Also, Bryan gets an education on what bara porn is from Jarrod, and George Tekai is at it again as he tries to make peace between Princess Leia and Captain Kirk!

Fan Questions

Think twice before sending out that dick pic! The boys answer a listener’s question about the pros and cons and scandals of sending out nude pictures and videos! We didn’t know Bryan did amateur porn!

Another fan wants some advice on how to deal with a lover and a friend who just don’t get along!


Peter Panzerfaust has got us excited, while Locke and Key scares up another amazing issue.

The DCnU is still firing on all cylinders, so hear our thoughts on the round of #4 issues including Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Batgirl, and Shade!

Marvel is no slouch either as they knock Uncanny X-Force out of the park with the conclusion of the incredible Dark Angel Saga! It’s a great time to be an X-Men fan, plus the company has been ramping up for the huge Avengers vs. X-Men event next year!

Top Moments of the Year

There was a lot of great movies, comics, new items, and awesome happenings this year, so make sure to stick around to hear all of our favorites. Oral couldn’t make it, but he wanted everyone to know that he is most grateful for double bladed light sabers, although that is really code for something else that can penetrate on both ends.

The Flame ON! boys want to thank all you nerds, geeks, and homos out there who have made 2011 so awesome, exciting, and overwhelmingly homoerotic! Have a very special Harnessmas, each and every one of you!


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