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Season 4 Episode 32 :: Microsode – Skyrim: Beware the Bear

Posted by NerdyShow on December 12, 2011

By the time you read this we suspect you’re already quite proficient in dragon slaying.  It’s true- we’re way past due for a discussion on Skyrim.  But the game, with all its near-infinite amounts of gameplay, will always have more to explore even if we’re late to do a show on it.

Chances are good you’ve watched Brandon or Cap clock some hours on the game over at Watch Brandon Game so we didn’t leave you out all alone in the snowy wastes, now did we?  Join the Nerdy crew for some long overdue discussion on the biggest RPG of the year – our pros, cons, gameplay stories, and maybe even a thing or two about Elder Scrolls lore you didn’t know… within this meaty microsode.


  1. Dragon Slayer :: Jeremy Soule
  2. The Tale of The Dragonborn :: The Warp Zone The Tale of the Dragonborn - The Tale of the Dragonborn - Single


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