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Nerdy Show 215 :: Writing Duos: Good Things Come in Pairs

Posted by NerdyShow on March 30, 2015

ep215Here on Nerdy Show, we give love to creators all the time. After all, talented writers, directors, artists, etc. are what make our pop culture world go ’round. But on this episode of Nerdy Show, we’re going a step further and celebrating those special creators who’ve found their creative soul mates: writing duos.

Perfectly paired partnerships truly do yield fantastic things. We consider the creators behind our favorite books (comics and text) as well as the bold duos behind films, TV, and music to examine just how their dual-brained dynamics make good ideas into great ideas. How funny would The Venture Bros. be without Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer working in tandem? How could A New Hope and Empire have become the stuff of legend without the guiding hand of Marcia Lucas to fix George’s crazy?

Join Cap, Denika, Luke, and La Valle as they ask these questions and more! Thanks to Ross Butler for providing the topic for this Microsode.





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