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VIDEO: 12+ Hours of Gamera Commentary

Posted by NerdyShow on October 16, 2011

If you missed out on our massive Gamera streaming event – don’t fret!  We’ve got all the action archived on our Livestream channel. We threw a potluck where we watched 7 Gamera movies in a little over 12 hours, providing commentary and banter throughout.  We were able to stream four classic Gamera movies, as they’re public domain, and for the additional three, the 90s Gamera Trilogy, we’ve got video commentary ready for you to synch up for your own viewing.

Nerdy Show Live, where we originally streamed this event, will be the hub for all future live content from us for events, and other cool stuff, such as the recently-launched Watch Brandon Play Video Games.

Click the posters below to watch the videos!


  <– Parts 1 &2


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