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Flame On :: S02E04 :: Busted Bears and Stolen Shoes

Posted by Bryan on October 26, 2012

The Flame On! boys are back with another episode that’s one part nerdy, one part nasty, and far too many parts nelly! The Question brings tidings from October’s New York Comic Con, Jarrod has some exciting news about his submission to the Class Comics Halloween Special, Bryan gushes about Bear Bust 2012, Oral goes on a mega-tirade about a certain Avenger, and Eric tries to calm him down. (Spoiler: he doesn’t succeed). In other words, just another laugh-filled, action packed show from the gayest, geekiest podcast on the net!


  • We hedge our bets on Justice League and Avengers 2 clashing in 2015
  • Plenty of shocking news about The Wolverine gets us chattering
  • News on the other X-Men movie in the works, Days of Future Past
  • Hear our impressions of the dark new Iron Man 3 trailer
  • Reviews of Hotel Transylvania, The Master, and The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1


  • Clark Gregg (aka Agent Coulson) and Ming Na (aka Mulan) are set to star in the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. show
  • 666 Park Ave scares the hell out of Eric
  • Bryan and Oral dig into the swan song of the Ponds in Doctor Who
  • Reviews of The Walking Dead, Arrow, and American Horror Story: Asylum
  • Q spills on the return of Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • We want our DC Nation back! Long live Young Justice! Long live Green Lantern!


  • Tragic news about the end of the Scissor Sisters?
  • Q reviews his experience with Beauty and the Beast musical and the new Two Door Cinema Club album Beacon

Gay News

  • Larry Smith bullies a transgender fan
  • Hear about Jarrod, Pat, Oral, and Bryan’s adventures at Bear Bust 2012!


  • Q’s NYCC report
  • Indie
    • Prophet and Multiple Warheads by Brandon Graham
    • Happy by Grant Morrison and Darick Roberson
  • Marvel
    • The end of Avengers vs. X-Men!
    • Our thoughts on Marvel NOW! Point One
    • Uncanny Avengers
    • A-Babies vs X-Babies — so cute!
    • Hickman’s final issues of Fantastic Four and FF (Bryan cried)
    • Hawkeye #hawkblocking
    • Is Daredevil still good?
  • DC
    • Green Lantern — The Third Army freaks us out!
    • The return of Joker in Batman
    • Justice League gets catty
    • What do we think of Talon’s debut?
    • Before Watchmen Update
    • Rotworld event in Animal Man and Swamp Thing

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  1. “Tits on the Radio” by the Scissor Sisters

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