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Season 4 Episode 23.5 :: Microsode – Put Glasses On Now

Posted by NerdyShow on September 13, 2011

Following the footsteps of the Micro-Size Me microsode, we have the topic of 3D gaming, suggested by listener Grant Hasted, who wanted to know our thoughts on 3D in gaming. He was one of the lucky listeners that took advantage of a new feature of our Donation Drive where if you donate enough to break our total ABOVE a multiple of $100, you get to name the topic for a microsode. Well, put on those 3D glasses supplied with the download so you can listen along with the correct technology!

WARNING: 3D Glasses are not actually required to listen to this episode.


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  • In your discussion of 3D flick history, I’m reminded of Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, which i saw in a Times Square theater in 1974. This was before the Disneyfication of Times Square, when MOST of the theaters there showed porn. The film was rated “X” at that time. It was the first 3D film I saw with newfangled polarized glasses (not the red/blue cheapies).

    I was amazed at the “out of the screen” effects. The most vivid one was a scene where the camera for some reason was shooting upward from inside a sewer toward the grate above. One of “victims” had been disemboweled and fell onto the grate, with consequent disgorge of guts down the sewer hole. Intestines and other innards leapt out of the screen.

    The audience reaction was the loudest I’ve ever experienced at a movie theater…..

  • Cap


    That sounds AMAZING! I’ve never heard of that Warhol film before, nor did I know that polarized lenses were around then. Wow, Criterion should make a home edition.

    (Also envious of your legit pre-90s NYC experiences. I mean, maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am.)

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