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D&D Episode 8 :: Fouler Deeds at Cool Ranch

Posted by NerdyShow on September 8, 2010


No reunion with Jen’Ifer was going to be a happy one – but no one expected it to be this BAD!  Dark magicks were indeed afoot in the strange hamlet of Cool Ranch, and the Dungeon & Doritos gang managed to get themselves perilously deep into trouble to find their friend.  Now, trapped in the cellar of Cool Ranch Manor, they’ve got to escape and try to stop a Dark God’s wrath from descending on the innocent villagers.  But with the odds stacking up against them, Jamela’s powers on the fritz, and Jen’Ifer’s evil influence once again meddling with their judgment – how foul can this day go?  Galdap, tell ’em about the twinkie:


The Tracks:

  1. IG-88’s 57 Chevy (Untested Methods REVOLUTIONARY Remix) :: mc chris
  2. Hank Pym :: Adam WarRock
  3. Magic [Video Version] :: Mick Smiley Magic
  4. Instant Victory :: Keiichi Suzuki

Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak



And now, here’s a sneak peek at a scene from the episode, drawn by Nerdy Strip artist, Tony Baldini, entitled “It All Goes to Hell”.  That should give you a clue about how rotten things get.

  • Alphabet

    Cool, a new episode. How’d you get Brian in this game? Did you just have him talking to you via the same way you get him on in your regular show, and just roll the dice for him? Either way, it’s cool that he’s back in the game; the party felt incomplete without him.

  • Cap


    Yeah, we missed him lots. You’ve got it right, we Skyped him in and rolled for him while he looked over his sheets and plotted his vile schemes. The only reason it took so long was scheduling. Jen’Ifer is back and DnD is non-stop.

  • Fenrir Gochad

    I am super excited for this episode, especially now that season 3 is done, I needed my fix of you guys to make my weeks awesome…

  • Ghouleh

    So. Very. Delightful.
    I must congratulate you all on this latest DnD episode. While I didn’t enjoy this one’s music in particular, the game session itself might just have been my favorite. I had really missed Jen’Ifer, and oh what a show it was. I must say, however, that this one’s RP prize goes to Jamella.
    Oh, and once again compliments to Tony Baldini for the awesome drawing. I am sated. For now.

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  • Vilehenchman

    That was one fantastic episode! I felt so bad for Jamella… up until the very end. Hex and I said how much we missed Jen’Ifer at the same time. Its good to have Brian back. Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • Tolan

    Jeez… You know, they were almost acting as a cohesive, even effective, group. The Jen’Ifer came back. Still, I don’t listen to these things for the party unity. I gotta agree with ghouleh about the music selection, but I still had a great time.

  • Cap



    Well, lay it on me fellas (and everyone else too) what’s you favorite music we’ve played during DnD? What do you think works the best?

  • Ghouleh

    Mm. I must say there were quite a few I liked during the first DnD episode(s) [That’s pretty much where I took notice of Krondor Krew], but that may be because back then there were tons of songs in each episode [I wouldn't know if I like or dislike the song reduction, but it definetly narrows the possibility of pleasing everyone], but there may be something more to this.
    I remember that in the “Birdbath” episode, pretty much all songs were about birds. Although It didn’t feel nerdcore at all, it felt… Right, I guess. Related. In this one, however, the songs were mostly random, or so it seemed.
    If I were to risk a guess, I’d say try and keep the songs as related to the episode as possible, even if it means distancing from nerdcore a bit. It’s just a wild, wild guess, however. It’s probably nothing and it was just sheer bad luck with the songs.

  • Cap


    There was a rhyme and a reason to Hex’s track selection this episode, though I suppose it is more loose in relation than average.

    IG88 was due to Brian referencing Empire Strikes Back, Hank Pym was due to Jamela bashing in the dude’s head (and the song is about how Pym is a wife-beater and needs to chill out), and Mick Smiley because we kept referring to the sequence that song played in during Ghostbusters. As for why the track form the Earthbound score, well, I’ll let everyone take a stab a guessing that.

  • Epic

    This episode was one of my absolute favorites from the DnD series. Can’t wait for the next one. I laughed my ass off throughout the whole episode which can be a little weird since I listen to the podcast while I’m in the gym. Thank you guys for continuing to put out quality podcasts, I’m currently deployed to Iraq and getting new Nerdy Show podcasts is a nice little morale booster here. Keep up the great work.

  • Hex

    OH WOW! thanks for tuning in to us from overseas, i’m glad we can do our part to keep the morale up 🙂

    word, thanks for the critique 🙂 it helps when i’m planning tracks to know what works and doesn’t. i will admit that i was a little *dare i say* HEXhausted when i chose the tracks, and may have been a little loopy. i’ll take a break and choose with a clear mind 🙂

  • @Epic
    I have to second hex’s WOW. Thank you for tuning in, and thank you for your service.

  • Prison Warden

    The use of Magic from ghostbusters was perfect, though, Hex. You and I started saying “please…” at the same time and I could feel the song coming.

  • BLAM!!!!!!!!

    The fucking cowboy instead of Galdap. I picture The Big Labowski. Sarsparilla. Tell CHAIR I’ll suck his club for 1000 GP.

  • BLAM!!!!!!!!

    Epic is fighting the real fight… right on brother, you make us all proud. Thank you.

  • BLAM!!!!!!!!


  • tacticslion

    These episodes were hilarious! Thanks!

    First, very briefly: hi, CAP! I don’t know how many you signed, but I still have my NERDY SHOW advertisement that you signed at Nerdapalooza right next to the computer – it’s awesome!

    A couple of things: I like the three-to-four music selection style – it’s much better than the first couple of episodes. Also, unlike a couple of others who’ve voted above, I actually like the selections in this episode better than the Birdbath episode. I liked how that one was tied in very well lyrically – something I noticed immediately – but it just wasn’t as pleasant a musical experience as the last two episodes were, to my tastes, and – as pointed out – just didn’t seem as nerdcore.

    The new Saga system is interesting. I will have some issues converting the various things you find into 4E stuff, but it’ll be interesting! I liked the transition that you used – mirror world and all that.

    I’m highly enjoying the adventures over-all and it’s interesting to see how you’ve all changed somewhat in your approach as players – especially noticeable with the system change. From Birdbath on, you guys have – over-all – seemed to laugh a LOT more in the face of danger and failure, and not be so afraid of simply getting hit/losing hp/rising to your damage threshold. And it was almost odd how quickly Jen’Ifur’s presence seemed to completely warp the morality of all those around him – Vimak, how could you? 😛 😉 I supposed you guys just missed him that much!

    Also: did no one think of making the demon-god the target of the curse, thus causing his prison to feed off of his own life-force? Alternatively, why didn’t Jen’Ifur (or all of you) drain the life essence of the demon-god? C’mon, guys! Real, ultimate power awaited you! Possible immortality, even! Abuse the system! That’s what GMs expect of you!

    Finally, on three minor tangential notes, wasn’t Jamala a sorceress? When did she become an invoker? Did I miss the announced transition, or was I just wrong when I was making my notes? And what DID happen to that god-summoning chip? Also, could I get a list of the deities you guys gave out in the Maze of Mischief? I was trying to make the list, but couldn’t always make out exactly what their names were.

    Regardless, this is a great and fun thing. I don’t have nearly as much time to listen to it anymore, but I enjoyed listening, basically to the last several updates today. It was a blast!

  • @tacticslion
    I think that panic had a lot to do with them not thinking to deeply when dealing with the demon, the curse, and the spells. 🙂

  • Cap


    Thanks for all the input, man!

    Jamela’s always been an invoker. I didn’t really know what I was getting into when we started doing this, having never played tabletop anything before. I don’t really know what to expect from playing an invoker or what really is the difference between that and a sorceress. I just looked at the powers that were available to me and used them in a way that made sense. Also, sorceress seemed more lofty than invoker – like Jamela would have to have her shit together more to live up to that. But I dunno! Does she seem to have more of a sorceress power set?

    I think a lot of the difference in our confidence is not having tiles to deal with. We’re more badass in our imaginations and I think we’re only lucky that we’ve pulled it off more of less. But we did come really close to oblivion this time so…

    As for the deities, I hope to have a list of them in the character bios segment in the near future, particularly since Galadrael (sp?) is now reoccurring. I think Hex has a list of them somewhere. The god-summoning chip is effeminately on Jamela’s mind and she’ll be getting to the bottom of that soon. As for the real ultimate power, Jamela for one, was definitely not in a head-space to be overly cunning and I second what Ruel said, we were totally panicked.

    Oh and no, I didn’t sign much of anything that weekend so – shwiiiiiing!

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