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Nerdy Show After Dark :: Drunken Podcasting Month ’11

Posted by NerdyShow on September 30, 2011

It’s that time again!  Nerdy Show and Overclocked After Dark have teamed up to go once more into the drink!  September is Drunken Podcasting Month as proclaimed by Z of Hipster Please.  Perhaps you remember last year’s 4-part binge. If not, go to the links below to refresh yourself.

This year we’re drinking LIVE!  As you may have heard, the OCAD boys do a weekly live show these days over at a nerdy radio network called 8BitX. They kick it Sundays 8pm-10pm Eastern Time and so, on the night of September 25th WE DRANK!

Take it away, Stevo:

Oh man, what a great way to end the Drunken Podcast Month of September.  Hex, Mike, and Cap joined Brian, David, and myself for 2 hours of unbridled pony-fucking, minecraft-dildoing, maelstrom of friendship and booze.  Absolutely incredible Nerdy Show crossover where we read the horrible minecraft fanfic, written five words at a time, about Nerdy Show and OCAD.

I shall say nothing more, and just leave you the links:

DOWNLOAD:: OCAD Episode 71 – Tub Bunny Don’t Give A Fuck


Last year’s Drunken Podcast with OCAD:

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