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Season 4 Episode 14 :: E3 2011, Day 4 – Finale

Posted by Cat on June 11, 2011

June 9th, the last day of E3 2011.  It has been a gauntlet of games, geekgasms, and endless queuing.  A test of physical endurance and of the mind.  You can hear the E3 team’s exhaustion on this final recording.  The massive time zone shift, early mornings, and late nights of video uploading have taken their toll – but they have soldiered on in the name of video game awesomeness.

Joining team E3 is Cap, Jonna, and Colin, for one final podcast to round up the E3 melee.  Find out the team’s top five favorite things of E3 2011, as well as their top five least favorite things.  Hear impressions on Bethesda’s much anticipated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Id’s RAGE, CCP’s Dust 514, the Playstation Vita (PSV), find out what Felicia Day is most excited for, and more!


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