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Dungeons & Doritos :: Escape From Corney Island

Posted by NerdyShow on April 22, 2011


What began with an unexpected detour to a tropical isle, ends in peril and doom!  What did you expect with this sordid lot? Having been put on a quest by the island’s pirate ruler Captain Corney, our adventurers have unlocked a savage curse and the dead shall rise!  Joining us for this episode of Dungeons & Doritos is none other than the real life Miss Coney Island 2011, Left Lucy as the vengeful Queen of Corney Island, daughter to the dread Captain! Accompanied by a mysterious swordsman named Robert, Lefty joins our heroes in a race to escape the doomed jungles, before all is lost.

Can Vimak, Chair, Jen’Ifer, Jamela, Barty and their new companions fend off pirates, zombie hoards, and escape with the treasure?  Wonder not! Adventure is within your reach:


To hear how this new chapter of Dungeons & Doritos began, look no further, the first episode of this Book or “season” as some would call it, “Greetings From Corney Island”, can be found HERE.

How did it all start? Open Dungeons & Doritos – BOOK I to revel in our previous quests.


  1. A Quest for Dip (Theme to Dungeons & Doritos) :: Level 99
  2. Supra Natura :: Gil Mantera’s Party Dream
  3. Just So You Know :: Les Swashbuckling Napoleons
  4. Marooned :: Pink Floyd Marooned - The Division Bell
  5. Ah, Weir :: Yeasayer Ah, Weir - All Hour Cymbals
  6. You’re On Fire :: Grand Buffet You're On Fire - Five Years of Fireworks

Tracks in bold are played in full.  Les Swashbuckling Napoleons is Bleubird and Thesis Sahib.  You may recall Bleubird’s awesome solo rapping or perhaps as part of the notorious duo, Boyfriends Inc. with Astronautalis.



Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak

Barty :: Lefty



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dice bags, poster_____________________________________

Behold: ART and PHOTOS!

For this month’s episode of Dungeons & Doritos, Tony Baldini has provided us with a portrait of Lefty, the Queen of Corney Island in her traditional island garb. If you dig what we do, donate to the show and get access to the current D&D sketch gallery with episode-specific drawings by Tony and local-shop, as well as other cool stuff.

And look! A post-game celebratory photo of the Nerdy Show crew and Lefty Lucy!
Click HERE to see Lucy’s behind the scenes photos!


  • usagiboy

    Hot on the heals of an awesome pokefest! More tabletop love. Yeah baby!

  • Arkyrion

    Episode 12.

    I’m going to start squealing like a schoolgirl now. I’m not sure when I’ll stop.

  • Ghouleh

    This was just…
    Long. And awesome. Every step of the way. I didn’t care much for the music on this one, but the rest… The frequency and quality of the sound effects. The players. The rolls, the reactions, the running battle against pirates and zombies and everything…

    *raises glass* I salute you for what might just be one of the best, if not the best episode of Dungeons&Doritos so far.

    I wonder, is Lefty going to be a permanent member of the game, or just until the conclusion of the Corney Island arc?

    Also, thumbs up for Barty’s rather forceful character development. Poor Barty.

  • LSG

    One of the best episodes yet, which was good because after a computer crash I had to do a clean reinstall and lost everything. This was perfect to listen to when I was downloading all the drivers, updates and essential programs needed for a healthy nerd lifestyle.

    Although the music was not the best, the team interactions were second to none with only the erotic pangolin reactions coming close.

    I seems your DM has finally found that he needs to raise the challenge rating for chair and lower it for Jamela.

  • Dirty D. Durbin

    Every time my life throws failures at me, I limp back to the one reliable thing in it… Nerdy Show, and more specifically, Dungeons & Doritos.

    Our game has a lot of Doritos references. Everyone’s favorite is the frequent use of several spells, such as Jen`Ifers Lethargic Wrath, Jen`Ifers Painful Affair, Jamellas One Hit Wonder, Jamellas Exuberant Panties Parade, and Vimaks Faithful Companion, which we use to make our evil teammates behave. 😀

    Keep up the crunchy work~

  • Amon

    Ah, Jenifir; the soul of a valiant warrior. But the legs of a coward. 🙂

  • spudwalt

    As usual, everything catches fire, Jemala fails at life, and CHAIR absolutely rapes every enemy he encounters.

    Ah, and we get the return of CHAIR mode. I figured this episode would be a good time to bring it back.

    Oh, dear. This ending is going to have repercussions. In many different ways.

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  • Rotherian

    Any word on the next episode?

  • Cap


    Recording on Sunday, release shortly thereafter. And some awesome things to discuss.

  • So… Remember that comment forever ago, where I said that I would give a piece of art for ever episode of table top gaming you guys would do? Yeah, remember when I was a liar and didn’t have a piece of art ready for you when you posted the new episode? Remember when I became NOT a liar and posted something right now?
    black and white
    Yeah… I remember that too…

    Good times…
    I’ll have a piece of pokeplay art eventually too… I promise.

  • Cap


    DUDE! Amazing work! This is seriously bad assssss. Regardless of how often you make the art, it is always outstanding. Hopefully we’ll have some more Pokemon to delight you before too long. (Might be after Nerdapalooza though, since Hex is our GM and he’s a bit… preoccupied at the moment)

  • Rotherian

    So…..what is the latest word on the next episode?

    Not trying to be annoying, but it has been 10 days since I last asked, so I was just wondering if there were technical issues.

  • Cap


    No technical issues fortunately. The episode ended up being amazing, possibly our best, it’ll be out really soon. We’ll still have a May and June episode. There’s a preview image up on facebook. It’ll be out as soon as I can manage, just been slammed with pre-E3 prep and other work and I want this episode to get the treatment it deserves, ’cause damn.

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