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Nerds in Action Update! Tardis!

Posted by NerdyShow on April 18, 2011

What’s up nerds!?  Two of your brethren have taken Pepsi’s blind taste test challenge and have blown surveyor’s minds by endorsing a third option: Nerdy Show.  Truly, we are the finest brown cola.

Honor these totally radical dudes as we induct them into the ranks of Nerds In Action!  What’s a Nerd In Action you ask? Why, it’s the illustrious rank achieved when you nerd out while repping Nerdy Show and take a picture of it! Joining this not-so-secret society of awesome people are Timothy_GM and Volcano-Themed Blake.  Welcome, friends.

Volcano-Themed Blake was one of the entrants to our Willrow Hood Fan Love Contest and now he’s set his sights on a new contest: Where is the Tardis!

My friend Julaine and I made a Tardis cake for the Doctor Who “Where’s the Tardis” contest that’s going on, so I figured what better time to get a Nerd in Action shot then while holding a tiny edible tribute to everyone’s favorite time traveler?

Ya damn skippy, dude!  Well done! Help a Nerd out and give Blake some love.  Vote for his Tardis so he can score a private Doctor Who screening event and 100+ DVDs.  You know that’s cool.

Next up is Timothy_GM who’s flashing us his dirty secret in what looks to be the some kind of board game  stock room (boss).  Timothy is our first D&D Nerd In Action shot.  Boosh!

Want to be the next Nerd In Action?  Cool! We wanna see you trying to beat that Mario Kart 64 time trial so you can win the golden controller from Nintendo Power.  We wanna see you punching trees – Minecraft style!  We wanna see you covered in Dorito dust tossing natural 20s, posing with cospalyers and celebs at a con, looking your nerdiest in our shway duds.  Just send your actions shots to and see your action on our site!

Need clothing for that picture?  Here’s a special deal from now ’til whenever we decide otherwise:

You can get both the Nerdy Show logo shirt and the Dungeons & Doritos shirt for only $20 + shipping ($22 for plus sizes)! Shipping is $6 US/CAN, $12 everywhere else. We’ve got limited space at our current online storefront and don’t have room to add this package deal. So here’s how it works:

  • Go to the store, make sure your sizes are in stock
  • Donate to us. (Click the heart tab at the top of the screen)
  • Enter your total. (See above, don’t forget to add shipping)
  • Add a message and tell us your desired sizes
  • Make sure you include a shipping address
  • Complete transaction.

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