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CHECK OUT: The Making of the D&D T-Shirt

Posted by NerdyShow on April 6, 2011

We’ve been thinking about what we’d do for a Dungeons & Doritos shirt for a long time.  A logo wasn’t good enough, this shirt had to have character, or characters to be more specific.  Cap and Mike got to talking and decided that just slapping the fab foursome of Vimak, Chair, Jen’Ifer, and Jamela on a shirt wouldn’t do – it had to be badass.  This is a world of sword and sorcery, by Crom, this shirt had to be METAL.

With that mission in mind, Cap approached his buddy, local-shop (who we interviewed back in Episode /34/) about collaborating on some truly legendary artwork featuring the D&D cast. It was a joint effort from start to finish with them packing in as many characters and references as they could from Book I of the series.  LS composed the primary pencils, basing her principal designs off of Tony’s drawings and bringing the characters to life with her distinctive style.

Cap then elaborated on the first round of pencils in preparation of the inking phase, fining some holes that he could fill with other D&D elements such as the Erotic Pangolin and the Helm of Infinite Doritos.

Then the inking began.  The trick with inking for this piece was to make sure that the image made sense when expressed in only the white space, since the only element on the final shirt would be white ink. The stage of inking below was a placeholder before most of the fine detail was added. In case anything went really awry in the next phase.

Once all the shading, detailing and fills were done the art was scanned, reduced only to white elements and finalized to make the gorgeous art that you see here:

And now you can shield your nakedness with this fine vestige! The shirts were printed by Fat American and are only $10 so support the show in style! Nerdy Show and D&D are only made possible via your contributions. Give us some love! And if you wanna give local-shop some love, hit her up at!

Here’s a special deal from now ’til whenever we decide otherwise:

You can get both the Nerdy Show logo shirt and the Dungeons & Doritos shirt for only $20 + shipping ($22 for plus sizes)! Shipping is $6 US/CAN, $12 everywhere else. We’ve got limited space at our current online storefront and don’t have room to add this package deal. So here’s how it works:

  • Go to the store, make sure your sizes are in stock
  • Donate to us. (Click the heart tab at the top of the screen)
  • Enter your total. (See above, don’t forget to add shipping)
  • Add a message and tell us your desired sizes
  • Make sure you include a shipping address
  • Complete transaction.

Also as you may well know, this isn’t the only piece of D&D merch we’re working on- we’ve got more D&D awesomeness ready to rocket!  We just need to know that you want it. Best way you can show us that? Buy a shirt! Let your D&D love be heard and the spice will flow.  Look what’s in store:

dice bags, poster


Can you spot all the characters, items, and references? Check out those fine details!

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